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A great cycling tight with a chamois pad can make your ride prep simpler. Cool, dry or semi-dry weather can offer the most pleasant cycling of the year. It is easy to extend your cycling range when you have the gear, and Garneau has a strong reputation for great shoulder season pieces. The Solano Chamois Tights have been an essential part of their collection for quite a few years now and this model is their third evolution. The Solano 3 feature a softshell laminated fabric at the front of the legs and back of the calves protecting from oncoming wind and precipitation, as well as on back of the leg to catch kick-up spray. Two other fabrics are used to complement this Supra WindDry shoftshell, with Garneau's HeatMaxx tight knit fleece delivering thermal properties and wicking away moisture, and Endurexx, a chemical resistant knit which is soft to the touch, and glides over the skin. In this sub $120 tight, there is substantial fabric technology for the dollar, and that doesn't factor in the quality construction, features, and noted durability.

Garneau offers the cycling cut Solano 3 in two versions- which come down to "no chamois" and "chamois". Why, if it is cycling tight would it come without a chamois pad? Many brands offer these options, and the primary reason is individual preference. Some people prefer the fit and pad of their cycling shorts. Some might want to start a ride with tights, then remove them when it gets too warm. Many commuters may already use a liner short with a pad under regular clothing, but need more warmth on a cool day. On the other hand, a tight equipped with a chamois pad is one-stop shopping, simpler to pull on and ride, and reduces the layers. On the Solano 3, Garneau's popular men's pre-shaped, seamless AirZone chamois is positioned perfectly, and developed with the B.E.M. (Beveled Molding Edges) high-density perforated memory foam. This technology eliminates any drastic thickness/height changes at the edge of the foam, resulting in a smooth transition, no pinching points and no chafing. Foam and fabric used for this chamois maximize moisture wicking and the fabric is treated with an anti-bacterial solution to combat the effects of retained moisture, to inhibit the growth of bacteria. 4-way stretch maximizes fit and ergonomic contour during pedaling action . Thinner perineal area relieves central forward pressure, and Garneau's Ergo Air® concept is used for maximum ventilation, which keeps you drier, cooler to reduce heat and friction.

With the Solano 3 generation, Garneau has also improved fit, hold and comfort with the new, taller HiTop waistband, which also has a drawstring for some customization. As far as other key features, the designers added an easy-access pocket to the right thigh, for conveniently stores nutrition or needed essentials. The ankle cuffs are easy to pull over and have a stitched structure to prevent distortion. Finally, there are reflective accents front and rear for visibility.

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  • 3rd gen staple chamois equipped cycling tight with wind and water protection at the front, with thermal properties, breathability, all day comfort
  • Multi-panel anatomic construction, combined with fabric protection requirements of different zones
  • Standard fit- not as restrictive as a race fit, less compression, excellent freedom of movement
  • Laminated brushed softshell for element protection at front of legs back of calves, brushed fabric at back for thermoregulation
  • Adjustable waist with drawstring, New HiTop waistband for greater comfort and hold
  • Supra WindDry: 4-way stretch 3-ply softshell with breathable, windproof and warmth properties
  • HeatMaxx: 4-way stretch opaque construction knit with brushed back
  • Endurexx: Chlorine-resistant and soft to the touch for more comfort
  • Impressive and popular AirZone chamois pad has all the desirable tech and features for comfort, protection
  • Easy to retrieve ankle cuffs with ultra-stretchable triangle inserts
  • Easy-access pocket at right thigh
  • Back reflective accents, Front reflective accent
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL
  • Color: Black
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