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Clothing Gloves - Long Finger - Men

Louis Garneau Super Prestige 3 Gloves

Great winter gloves are rarely flexible in their use features, but the Super Prestige 3 from Garneau offers nice twist on the glove or lobster mitt argument. With a tuck away spandex cover that you can pull out and over your fingers into a lobster-style two by two design, this is a glove that adds some extra protection from the elements and could hold more heat in as a result. The cover is also coated in Teflon to deflect more rain and road spray than the fingered glove alone.

Garneau adds a bevy of their famed glove features, on top of the 40g 3M Thinsulate TM insulation and overall excellent ergonomic construction. You get the Ergo Air X-Vent Palm, progressive Biogel padding, a microfiber wiping zone, silicone gripper dots, and more tactile flexibility in fingers that are required for lever control and manipulation.


  • Well built winter glove with an extra coverage layer than can be brought out and turns gloved fingers into a lobster mitt design
  • Warm, flexible, and very comfortable to ride in; features a high wrist cuff and velcro adjustment
  • Upper Hand: Thermo-laminated spandex; 40 g 3M Thisulate TM insulation
  • Palm:
    • Leather-like material is durable and offers inherent grip wet or dry
    • Patented Ergo Air X-Vent ventilation allows the palm to breathe, not overheat or trap moisture
    • Strategically-placed silicone print for excellent grip in warm, cold, wet, or dry
    • Tactile zones make use of controls easier, with assurance at stressful moments
    • Padding: Patented Biogel progressive padding
    • Fingers: Microfiber index and thumb to wipe sweat
    • Features: Lobster mitts with Teflon spandex finger cover
    • Visibility Features: Reflective highlights
    • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL
    • Color: Black
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