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If you're looking for one shoe cover option to provide the most warmth for the harshest of conditions, then look no further. The Thermal Pro is Louis Garneau's warmest shoe cover. It provides 360 degrees of protection from the worst winter can bring: cold, wet, slush, wind, etc. A seam-sealed 2 mm neoprene outer with a fleece-lined inner provides unparalleled warmth, with a customizable under sole that can prevent anything from seeping up into your foot, along with easy, wide openings for facilitating on/off action, even when you have frozen hands. A waterproof zipper and covered zipper garage keep the fouls of winter weather at bay but is bias aligned for easy access.

The seam-sealed construction is durable and wholly effective. If you are looking for a single feature that distinguishes this pair of Thermal Pro Shoe Covers from the competition it has to be the full rubber bottom sole. You get traction and protection that is unparalleled. The cleat zone comes covered so you can cut it out the opening as necessary, or not if you ride flat pedals. Don't laugh, in many cold, icy areas cleated cycling shoes are rarely worn unless one possesses a great winter riding shoe and considerable caution when you place your foot on the ground.

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  • Well designed and executed thermal shoe covers
  • 2mm Neoprene isolates shoe from the cold, provides warmth
  • Durable pre-cut rubber sole for better water resistance, you create the opening
  • Side opening: Hook and loop fastener with safety puller for easy slip on
  • Waterproof zipper and covered zipper garage
  • Side Bias angle hook and loop fastener with safety puller for easy slip on
  • HiViz 360 visibility
  • Sizes: Medium, Large, XL
  • Color: Black
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