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Clothing Shorts - Womens

One of the best low cost women's bibshorts made, the Garneau Women's Fit Sensor Texture Bibshort offers great breathability from a specially evolved quick-drying fabric that makes it just as ideal for indoors training as it does riding outside on hot summer days. The convertible strap system with a center chest release clip have been designed specifically for female cyclists, and while body types and shapes vary considerably, many women find the system works well. The panel structure, details and design work well overall, delivering compressive comfort and support, while the proven women's Airzone 2 chamois pad is one of Garneau's best.

The keys to this bibshort are the Square Mesh fabric upper and the textured body panels. Both have been developed by Garneau, and while different, they both have similar properties. Overall the finished design offers excellent moisture transfer and overall breathability, with excellent and resilient stretch and return in a moderate compression level where you need it. The Airzone 2 chamois features beveled edges and variable high-density, perforated memory foam in a shape and thickness levels that are optimized for the female anatomy. The beveled foam technology eliminates any drastic drops of heights at the edge of the foam, resulting in a smooth transition, no pinching points and no chafing. Foam and fabric used for this chamois maximize moisture wicking and the fabric is treated with anti-bacterial solution. This ergonomic chamois with 4-way stretch is pre-molded for a superior fit with seamless construction.

One note on the bib straps. Garneau uses the term "convertible", which actually means you get two options. The first is to let then sit where they are cut, likely outside of the breasts. Using the clip brings the straps to the center, in between. Again, how these options work for you is purely based individual preference and body type, with the idea that at least you get two options.

As far as finishing and detail, Garneau features cost effective seaming where it shouldn' irritate or chafe, but in sensitive areas ant-chafing seams are employed. A soft gripper on the outside of the thigh is used to hold the short section in place and the paneling of the piece reflects smart anatomic design. You get a lot of features and performance for your money, including durability and great function. It's surprising they can deliver the Women's Fit Sensor Texture Bibshort at $130.

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  • Women's bibshort with texturized fabric for maximum breathability and quick drying
  • Bib straps offer two position options, via the choice of using a center clip
  • Quick-drying and moisture management from both fabrics
  • Upper Square Mesh offers serious ventilation, stretchability and quick dry
  • Body/short Fit Sensor Texture pulls moisture off the skin for fast release
  • Moderate compression with anatomically aligned panel construction with proper support
  • Airzone 2 Women's Chamois features multi-density, perforated memory foam
  • Inseam : 8.25" / 21 cm
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Color: Black
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