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Shimano 11 Speed Chain Pin Workshop Jar

Ride 11-speed Shimano drivetrains? Do you service or maintain numerous bikes? If so, Shimano's genuine replacement parts are optimal for proper performance. Buying regularly used small parts in bulk with Shimano's Workshop Jars makes your life easy and saves you money. When sizing, installing, or replacing a Shimano 11 speed chain you need a proper, specific chain pin for fastening the link. Shimano has largely eschewed quick-links, though one has been introduced with R9100 Dura-Ace, in the firm belief that a properly driven replacement pin is the most effective way to reconnect a chain.

Each 11 speed chain pin can be identified by an elongated sharp nose at the guide end, making them visually recognizable when compared with other pins. This Workshop Jar of fifty 11 speed pins is compatible with every Shimano 11 speed chain. Chain pins should be driven with chain tools that are designed for compatibility.

When installed properly the driven end sits in the chain nearly flush, and the guide end is then removed by folding that end off. Always work the chain by hand to ensure that the link has free movement and visually inspect to make sure both plates are properly in-line with the chain. Every time you install a pin you should be using fresh outerplates. Never drive out a replacement pin then install a new one in the same link. If you need to break the chain, move as far opposite a pin driven link as possible to create your new junction.

The compact Workshop Jar has a hinged lid that clips into place, yet is easy to operate with one hand, with a wide enough opening for easy removal. Outfit your service bench with genuine Shimano replacement parts and ride with confidence in your equipment.


  • Workshop Jar of 50 steel chain pins for all Shimano 11 speed chains
  • Works with directional or bi-directional chains
  • 11 speed pins easily identified elongated sharp nose at guide end
  • Always use fresh outer plates and use a compatible tool for installation
  • Ideal for home, pro or shop mechanics
  • Shimano Part#: Y0AH98010

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