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Light and Motion 3 Cell Battery

Battery flexibility and/or replacement for Light and Motion Stella and Seca series lights is a product of sharing the same base power requirements and the three-prong cord system. The 3 Cell Battery is a direct replacement for many Stella lights, such as the older units, and can extend the run time of your newer Stella 500. This same battery has been used with the Seca 1500 and Seca 2000 Race.

The triangular shaped battery features one indented side and rubber endcaps that ensure a snug fit to virtually any frame tube shape via the stout Velcro strap. The belt or bag clip is also integrated into the design, making usage flexible to your needs. Run time will vary with your light head, but for example, the 3 Cell battery used with the Seca Race 2000 delivers 2000 Lumens at full power for 1.5 hours, and a Stella 500 with the standard battery, which normally delivers 500 Lumens at full power for 2.75 hours, will now offer over 5 hours of run time.


  • Light and Motion 11.1V 2.6Ahr 3 Cell Li-Ion
  • Replacement/upgrade battery for Stella and Seca series head units
  • Triangular shape makes for easy mounting with Velcro strap (included)
  • Integrated belt/bag clip offers flexibility
  • Works with air and water tight Stella/Seca 3 prong cord plug
  • Size 3"x2"x2"
  • Weight: 128 grams (with strap)

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