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ENVE 45 Carbon Clincher Rim

The Enve Composites Carbon Clincher 45 rim is a versatile "do it all" clincher rim that has the perfect balance of a 45mm aerodynamic profile, low 440 gram weight combined with outstanding strength and a refined build quality. The excellent quality of the Carbon Clincher 45 rim makes it a great choice for a Powertap or other high-end application where the spoke choice can be perfectly matched to rider weight and preferences. Call our helpful staff of cyclists 1-800-627-6664 for build suggestions or see our Custom Wheel Builder.

Enve manufactures all their rims in-house to extremely tight tolerances. Enve's proprietary molding process incorporates extreme pressure in the tooling. This creates a flat, round part straight out of the mold, and further, the raised braking surface is then machined to eliminate any irregularities. This makes the very straight, true Enve rims a pleasure to build with.

One of the important differences in Enve Composites Rims is they have a patented process where the spoke holes are molded. All other manufacturers drill the spoke holes which weakens the surrounding area. Carbon fiber gets its strength from running continuous, not broken fibers. Routing the fibers around the hole effectively increases the strength of the area around the spoke hole. Envy rims can be built with higher tension of up to 130kg in the front and 150kg on the drive side rear. This eliminates the low-tension issue common with other carbon rims/wheels. A stronger spoke hole also reduces the possibility of spoke pull through. A conical surface is molded into the inside of the rim to optimize the interface with the Pillar nipple. This allows the spoke to articulate as it exits the spoke hole, ensuring that it won't bind on the rim greatly reducing the possibility of spoke breakage. The included 5mm internal nipples require a Park SW-17 Spoke Wrench or similar tool.


  • 440 grams
  • 45mm profile
  • 21.7mm width
  • Includes 14 gauge silver alloy Pillar nipples
  • Includes rim strip and valve extender

    Please note: Enve carbon rims have a carbon braking surface and require carbon specific brake pads

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