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Giro Aeon Helmet

On a hot summer's day in the mountains, or powering through humid conditions so intense you can almost see the air, there is nothing like a very lightweight, exceptionally well ventilated road helmet. It is clear now that virtually everyone agrees safety is paramount, but every helmet Giro offers passes stringent CPSC and CEN safety standards for impact protection. The Giro Aeon holds true to safety principles, yet unlike many other helmet designs, puts rider comfort, and airflow over aerodynamics. While the best aero road helmets work great, when you really want to keep cool under high output in challenging heat conditions, the Aeon is the standard bearer. At just 222 grams in a Medium size, the Aeon feels incredibly light on your head, and that experience is accentuate by it's impressive ventilation and air circulation within the shell. When comfort is more important that a handful of watts saved, grab your Aeon and hit the road.

There are multiple impact protection standards a helmet must meet or exceed for certification. Those various tests drive the limitations of open helmet shell designs. As such, Aeon uses a combination of shell design, technology, and vast experience with helmet development to offer their proprietary Thermoformed SL roll cage. This one-piece internal reinforcement structure provides excellent impact resistance in a 50 percent lighter structure than the multi-piece fiber composite structure of the previous Giro designs. The roll cage is formed from the same polycarbonate material as the Aeon's outer shell to provide double-protection with the In-Mold construction process. The compressive, dense foam EPS (Extruded PolyStyrene) liner is the component that diffuses energy at impact, sparing the skull from direct force. The roll cage then helps hold the helmet together and not blow apart, protecting you in case of multiple impacts in the same incident. While MiPS layer have brought a new level of protection, overall helmet safety still relies on this evolved method of construction. Achieving the light weight of the Aeon, while still exceeding CPSC and CEN standards represents both Giro's mastery of the technologies available, but also a commitment to rider safety and comfort.

The details of the shell shape development process also drove the location, focus, and structure of the 24 Wind Tunnel vents. By creating both wide and narrow vents, and sculpting the interior to channel and circulate incoming air, the system aided the structural strength of the design, while allowing airflow to move around the rider's head, allowing it to both cool and and help remove heat and moisture. As this is a constant process as you ride, the helmet serves to actively prevent overheating and because you stay drier, the helmet feels lighter. One other effect of this system is that the airflow is quieter, and less prone to whistle. Yes, Giro even considered that annoyance when designing the system, and we can all be thankful for that. The overall finished effect is a sculpted helmet design that isn't too bulky on the head, and favors the oval to round head shape Giro is know for, though the fit platform offers sizing and flexibility for most head sizes and shapes.

The Aeon features the proven Roc Loc 5 retention system for easier fit, adjustability, better security and lighter weight. This clever design is the latest iteration and features a small, ratcheting micro-adjustable dial that can be turned with two fingers for a super-easy on-the-fly adjustment. The Roc Loc 5 also has a low-profile vertical fit tab that allows for up to 15mm of up-and-down adjustment. Matched with the easy-to-use Slimline strap and buckle system, the retention system positions and holds the helmet where you want it, no matter the effort level your ride requires. The final piece of the puzzle the pad system, which employs X-static silver fiber fabric and soft, compact foam that align with the shell structure at crucial anatomic locations for an optimal fit and fantastic comfort.

Most serious cyclists have a few helmets and unless you live in a region where it is always under 50 degrees, we highly recommend the Aeon should be one of them. It will easily be your favorite for summer riding, and with a mid-weight skull cap can help to keep you drier well into the Fall as well. Giro has set an integrated series of bars with the Aeon that no competitor has been able to match, let alone exceed.


  • Featherweight, fully functional, CPSC certified road helmet with excellent ventilation
  • Thermoformed SL internal roll cage construction with EPS Liner
  • Polycarbonate exterior shell cage
  • Hyper-vented with 24 Wind Tunnel vents
  • Internal vent channeling with rear ports circulates fresh air and exhausts heat/moisture
  • Perfected fit with easy fit buckles and Slimline straps
  • Reliable Roc Loc 5 occipital support system
  • Antimicrobial, silver-fiber X-static helmet pads
  • CEN and CPSC certified
  • Weight: 222 grams (Medium)

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