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Shelter Die Cut Frame Protector Kit

Shelter is the first product of its type. The Shelter Die Cut Kit is supplied in die-cut pieces for your down tube, chain stay, bottom bracket and cable friction points. This makes for a fast install especially if you lack the time or desire to cut your own pieces from the strips.

A well-respected tech editor of a major cycling publication described the Shelter frame protector as the perfect thing to protect a carbon mountain or cyclocross bike. Shelter frame protector strips are perfect for protecting carbon fiber frames but will protect any frame material. They use advanced technology to provide both abrasion and shock protection unlike other protective products.

Shelter strips are a visco-elastomeric material-like a memory foam with 50 layers of energy-absorbing netting that absorb energy before it gets through to the frame. The energy-absorbing netting and an optimized density are designed to diminish and withstand the real world impacts of stones thrown up against the down tube that could cause damage.

Shelter strips are also pretty much invisible so your bike graphics are not hidden from the world. Ideal places for shelter to be used are the underside of down tube, chain stays and along head tubes to protect from cable housing abrasion and the sound of the housing slapping against the tubes.


  • Virtually invisible
  • Can be used to protect any bike
  • 50 layers of energy-absorbing netting
  • Shock absorbing and abrasion resistant bicycle frame protection
  • Optimized density to diminish and withstand real world impacts


Reg Price $29.95