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Pinarello Dogma 2 Super Record EPS Bicycle 2012

This 2012 Pinarello Dogma 2 Bicycle is a perfect example of how incredibly high-level carbon frameset development and electronic drivetrain engineering have come to dominate the pro peloton and beyond. Built with some of the highest grade carbon available at the time, with an end to end asymmetric structure, and equipped with the 1st generation Campagnolo Super Record EPS electronic shifting system, this bike is a bold mark on timeline, or a representative piece in a museum. This bike was demo'ed and ridden, but is still in very good condition and would look great on a Sunday ride or hanging on a wall.

The Dogma 2 was current during the 2012-2013 model years and maintained the highest grade available carbon fiber to the bike market at the time. This was the same Toray carbon as the previous Dogma 60.1, with nanoalloy technology to add massive strength and durability. This Dogma 2 frameset has been crafted with strength, safety, and performance in mind. Pinarello's design engineers increased the focus of aerodynamics in the development of the Dogma 2, as well as advancing the already impressive lateral and torsional stiffness of it's legendary predecessor. The Dogma 2 was constructed, finished and painted in Italy, which means you're getting a true Italian masterpiece at a fraction of the original price. The frameset is the Electronico version, which means it is compatible with electronic groups only. The Dogma 2 frame and fork fits up to 700x25c tires on standard rims with up to 19mm rims.

The focus on reducing drag removed some of the external shaping of the carbon lay-up and in conjunction with moving to a larger tapered headtube and steering column, a new more aerodynamic fork design. Both changes are visually obvious, and you can see how the fork crown integrates into the downtube- common now, but at the time this feature was more limited to time trial frames. By moving to a 1⅛ to 1½ tapered steerer tube, the engineers increased the torsional strength of the full front end assembly over the Dogma 60.1 by 14.1%. The formerly visual tubeset shaping has been moved internal and enhanced to increase overall frame and rear end stiffness by up to 6%, while again improving aerodynamics. Pinarello employed several series of CFD analysis to inform, refine and confirm these results. The same principles would carry the company forward through successive generations of the Dogma carbon design.

Though no longer quite as visible as in the 60.1, you can see the Dogma 2 maintains the reinforced lower left section of top-tube to counter pulling forces from the cockpit. The Onda 2 right fork leg is noticeably larger than the left and more angular in shape to accept the excess stress of the drivetrain at the fork. Correspondingly the driveside seatstay is larger and stronger than the left for the same reason, preventing bowing to the non-driveside under load. The right chainstay is thinner at the front, while the left chainstay is reinforced on the front and gets thinner toward the rear, balancing and managing drive power in a direct fashion to the rear hub with absolute minimal loss and protecting the non-drive stay from weakening under load.

Please note Pinarello built these framesets with a specific headset bearing system. The upper bearing presses into the frame, and the lower bearing presses into the frame and onto the fork. This bearing system combined with the stout Onda 2 fork feels rock solid and serves up super tactile road response. Response and feel also calls out the qualities of 11-speed Super Record EPS. Quick, solid, and precise in the Campagnolo way, EPS uses the same lever ergonomics and arrangement as mechanical. The Super Record components represented the lightest, most efficient Campagnolo had ever offered at the time. Hollow carbon arms, USB ceramic bearings, UltraTorque spindle and cups. The caliper brakes feature premium ball bearing action, while the rear derailleur is dominated by carbon, and the mechanical parts across the board utilize titanium and stainless steel hardware and components.

Pinarello spec'ed their high-end carbon components, with the frame specific aero post, the one piece MOst Jaguar bar/stem, and Panther XP carbon rail saddle. Campagnolo's Shamal Ultra 2-Way Fit Wheelset is clincher/Tubeless capable. The tires are a mismatch and due to age should be replaced if you plan to ride this set-up.


  • DEMO 2012 Dogma 2 Super Record EPS bike with Campy Shamal 2-Way Fit wheels
  • Note: we have confirmed battery charges and the bike will come with the V1 Charger
  • Used, but in very good condition overall
  • Toray 60.1 High modulus carbon Nanoalloy construction (frame/fork/seatpost)
  • Dogma Onda 2 tapered carbon fork, Dogma 2 aero carbon seatpost
  • Italian threaded bottom bracket shell (ITA), with Campy UT cups
  • Super Record EPS 11-speed front and rear derailleur, EPS SR shift brake levers
  • SR11 UT 172.5mm 53-39 crank w/ USB ceramic, 11-25 cassette, R chain, brakeset
  • Dogma 2 Carbon post, MOst Carbon 1pc Bar/Stem 40cm c-c, Panther XP saddle
  • Campagnolo Shamal Ultra 2-Way Fit wheelset (clincher/tubeless ready)
  • Size: 54cm
  • Color: Black/White
  • Weight: 15.7 lbs

Please contact us with questions before ordering: 800.627.6664 or

Reg Price $9,500.00
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Pinarello Geometry Chart

Rokh Geometry
SizeTop Tube LengthHead Tube HeightSeat AngleHead Angle
Dogma 60.1, Dogma2, F8 & Gan S Geometry
SizeTop Tube LengthHead Tube HeightSeat AngleHead Angle
FP6, FP7, 2013 FP Quattro Geometry
SizeTop Tube LengthHead Tube HeightSeat AngleHead Angle