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Stages FSA Energy Power Meter

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FSA's Energy crankset has been a stock item on many road and triathlon bikes under $3500. The reliable, attractive crankset performs well and most riders see no need to upgrade it. But many beginner cyclists and triathletes can benefit from riding and training with a power meter. Just as the heart rate monitor became ubiquitous for endurance athletes, power meters are now accessible and even more useful to all riders. Have a road or triathlon bike with an FSA Energy crankset? Want to explore riding with a power meter to improve your fitness and/or performance? While there are power meters on the market with price ranges well into thousands of dollars; generating, measuring and applying detailed, useful, and accurate power data can be achieved simply with a cost effective left arm replacement.

The Stages FSA Energy Power Meter is a left crank arm based system with a 20 gram power meter unit bonded to a left crank arm. With the simplest installation, setup and pairing, Stages delivers accurate and consistent power measurement to power seeking cyclists and triathletes. Stages power meters are ANT+ and Bluetooth dual channel compatible to work with a host of head units and devices at the present and into the future. You can use your Stages Power Meter with almost any current smartphone via Bluetooth Smart with two-way interaction, and simultaneously be connected to your ANT+ compatible computer/GPS head unit for in-ride data and collection. The StagesPOWER App offers several key features and functions, is easy to use and is free for Stages Power Meter owners.

Why measure power at all? Single leg power measurement gives you a clear representation of effort and output that is consistent. Knowledge of power data allows you to exploit your strengths, improve your weaknesses, and plan crucial recovery. It is true that there are cyclists, most at the highest levels of the sport, who can truly benefit from accurate individual leg and spin cycle measurement. The key for Stages is: power differential between legs has no significant influence on ride data and its value as a training tool. For example, the engineers found through thousands of miles of testing research that power differential between legs has no significant influence on ride data and its value as a training tool. This helps to significantly reduce complexity and cost while providing power measurement with ±2% accuracy.

Installation of the FSA Energy Power Meter is just a matter of replacing your existing left side crankarm with the Stages equipped version (for specified BB30, MegaExo or 386EVO bottom bracket models). Simply remove your left crank arm, and install the Stages arm. No magnets, zipties, sensors or additional hardware required. The head unit pairing and Zero calibration tasks are just as simple. The Stages unit is equipped with an accelerometer that tracks crank position during rotation to calculate cadence. It sends the cadence and power information to your connected devices. Truly simple. The Stages self-contained pod means that from installation of the power meter to riding generally takes about 10 minutes. Install, pair the power meter via Bluetooth to your smartphone, then an ANT+ compatible head unit, Zero calibrate, go ride. Easy. Stages even provides excellent instructions and support through their website.

It is crucial for accurate training and analysis that the meter be consistent to itself, that the rider can quickly and easily set Zero calibration at the start of every ride, and that temperature is always accounted for. Stages constantly corrects for temperature via Active Temperature Compensation (ATC) which takes place automatically and continuously while you pedal, allowing you to simply ride and use utilize your data without worrying about manual adjustments and accuracy is much better over many of it's competitors (whose units don't auto correct, or do so with far less frequency) whenever there is a significant change in temperature during a ride. Temperature can seriously affect the strain gage systems used to measure power, to the point where a long climb in the mountains during which weather and temperatures can greatly fluctuate, uncorrected data is nearly worthless.

In this model, Stages bonds the actual power measurement pod onto a new hollow forged, road double, FSA Energy left side crank arm. The location on the arm is crucial, as the arm and pod then tested and calibrated together to ensure that the strain gages and sensors are working optimally with the specific crank arm. The pod itself is made of an incredibly strong polycarbonate blend that is similar material to that used in bulletproof glass. This material is perfect due to its light weight, superior durability and impact protection. Additionally, the Stages Power meter is highly sealed against environmental conditions, and carries an IPX7 water resistance rating, which means it can be submerged in water up to 1 meter for a maximum of 30 minutes.

It was crucial to Stages to make their power meter efficient, as well as keep their firmware updated. This version of the Stages Power Meter is their Gen2 pod, which is more streamlined than the original model (allowing for more crank arm and frame compatibility). The battery compartment and door were improved and strengthened. It is easy to change the battery, a coin-style, readily available CR2032 model. Each CR2032 delivers 200+ hours of power to the unit. The StagesPOWER App also keeps track of the battery level, so you can be prepared. Firmware is updated via this smartphone app as well. Stages regularly advances their firmware and app to reflect new features and updates. The app is user friendly and will become your best friend as you manage your power meter, allowing for direct updates to Training Peaks, Strava, Garmin Training Center and other cloud-based training systems. Now anyone can ride with power. Ready?


  • Most accessible, easiest to install/use, direct force crank arm power meter for FSA Energy double road cranksets
  • Power meter accuracy: ± 2%
  • Gen2 power meter pod affixed to new aluminum Energy left side crank arm
  • Installation as simple as properly mounting and fixing left side crank arm
  • Head unit pairing and daily Zero calibration processes quick and straightforward
  • Power range (Watts): 0 to 2500
  • Active Temperature Compensation delivers continual accuracy while riding
  • ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart communication keeps unit future-proof
  • Factory bonded pod contains all electronics, strain gages, power source
  • Tool free, user replaceable CR2032 battery via externally accessible compartment
  • Internal accelerometer determines cadence throughout pedal stroke
  • Cadence range (rpm): 20-220
  • Firmware updates, data uploads accomplished wirelessly with Bluetooth Smart
  • Water resistance rating: IPX7 (do not use direct stream hose/pressure washer)
  • Device compatibility with simultaneous dual channel ANT+, Bluetooth Smart
  • StagesPOWER App allows you to manage your unit, collect and transmit data
  • Crank/Bottom Bracket compatibility: FSA Energy road double road; BB30, EVO386, MegaExo (center crank arm bolt types only, not dual pinch bolt designs, may also be compatible with some FSA carbon crank sets, check Stages website for details)
  • Always install crank arm to FSA's specifications
  • Weight: Adds 20 grams to base crank arm
  • Finish: FSA Energy scheme w/Stages logo
  • Select: BB type and Crank Arm length

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