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Lazer Genesis Helmet

The Genesis has been Lazer's best selling helmet for years, with regular updates and features. The company considers it their "Classic Racing Helmet" and fans of pro cycling will quickly identify the shape and silhouette from the numerous teams Lazer has sponsored over the years. Features wise, the Genesis checks all the boxes, and the weight is a moderate 280 grams in the Medium size. Euro pro's have long favored fit, comfort, and ventilation over the lightest weight designs, and Lazer finds the proper balance.

For many Genesis wearers the key is the comfort and secure feeling they get from the retention system. Fit and retention are provided by a combination of the flexible, triangular Adjustable Head Basket, which is vertically adjustable to best cradle the rear of the skull, and the Rollsys System, which uses an easily accessible rolling thumb dial on the tail of the Genesis to deliver retention in micro-adjustments with minimal effort. This system has won many awards in it's evolution, and has been continually improved. The RollSys effectively draws equally from the front, side and rear of the helmet to provide a balanced, lightly compressive, symmetrical fit without any pressure points. As great as several other retention systems are, this may be the most precise that most riders will ever use. Combine the RollSys with the point of contact padding and you can understand why riders love it. The fast drying CoolMax helmet pads offer great feel on the skin, and have just enough density to get the job done. Finally, the flat, soft nylon straps are easy to adjust and manage, even with gloves on, making the overall Z1 fit and retention system a pleasure to to experience, and one you'll never take for granted.

So how about safety? The RBS system is a key to the strength and crash protection of the Genesis. Most cyclists know that EPS foam is designed to dissipate energy at impact, with the shell providing protection to the foam itself. At first impact, helmets made in this fashion do their immediate job- protect the skull. However, many crash events, high speed in particular, result in multiple impacts or extended contact with the ground while sliding. RBS is an internal structure molded into the InMold EPS foam, which allows the EPS to expand and dissipate the initial impact energy, yet hold together enough to provide protection beyond that point. This Rigidity Brace System is essentially a roll cage inside the helmet, allowing the substantial 19 vents to offer incredible airflow without compromising strength. Lazer keeps it light and very effective, allowing the engineers to the overall weight done and meet CPSC and CEN safety requirements.

The final detail is the soft woven nylon straps system, which utilizes smartly paced anchor points to keep the straps in place where you want them, minimizing the messing around that can happen. The buckle clip can be easily managed with a single gloved hand and the whole set-up secures the fit without discomfort. The Genesis is compatible with Lazer's optional accessories, such as the winter padding, insect net, Aeroshell, light, and the Cappucino Lock, a quick combination lock that attaches to the straps to secure the lock to your bike during an extended cafe break or post ride "hydrating beverage". Lazer considers the Genesis to have a narrow fit, so keep that in mind as you consider this high quality, impressive road cycling helmet


  • Classic design road cycling helmet with superior fit and retention system
  • Excellent ventilation from 19 directional strategic vents
  • RollSys retention system delivers symmetrical tension via thumb roll dial at back
  • Triangular head basket system softly cradles skull at the rear, and is verticaly adjustable; Coolmax pads provide comfort
  • In-Mold EPS/Polycarbonate construction with RBS internal roll cage for strength
  • Soft, wide nylon straps are easy to use and adjust, comfortable on skin
  • Lazer offer many complementary accessory features for the Geneis design
  • Meets or exceeds all US CPSC and EU CEN impact/safety requirements
  • Sizes: Medium, Large
  • Colors: Matte White, Matte Black
  • Weight: 280 grams (Medium)
Reg Price $164.99
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Lazer Sizing Chart

Head Circumference52-56 cm / 20"-22"55-59 cm / 21.5"-23.5"58-61 cm / 22.5"-24"


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