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Mavic ITS-4 Pawl and Spring Kit

Mavic's ITS-4 freehub system has been hailed for it's fast, sure engagement, with dual pairs of pawls delivering lightning quick performance and slow-speed control. The system features four individual pawls and springs, for eight total pieces. Anyone who has service a hub with pawls and springs knows that the springs in particular are easily lost or damaged by accident.

This kit delivers a full set of pawls and springs for your ITS-4 freehub. Besides unintended damage or loss, pawls are wear items, and the springs lose latency over many hours of hard use. If you ride a lot, changing your pawls and springs once a year will keep your ITS-4 in perfect shape. Mavic recommends their special Mineral Oil for lubrication at install or service.


  • A kit of 4 pawls and 4 springs for Mavic ITS-4 freehubs
  • Machined pawls have clear axis and spring detents
  • Stainless steel springs are small, be cautious in your work zone
  • Can service any type ITS-4 freehub
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