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Factor O2 Rim Full Chassis 2019

Serious cycling enthusiasts can appreciate excellence across the industry. Some are very brand specific in their affiliation, others are drawn to a sense of purity or excellence in the design, manufacture and performance of a finished product. Factor Bikes isn't a true boutique bike company, nor is it a mass producer of makes and models. Factor, born from bf1 Systems, a technology and engineering firm that worked with Aston Martin, Maserati, Ferrari, and other premium performance vehicle companies and teams. With a direct and impressive background in aerodynamics and carbon fiber technology, engineering and manufacture, bf1 Systems started working with major bicycle players and cycling teams, bringing new technologies, vertical integration in production, and knowledge to the massive growth of high-end carbon fiber framesets and components. Following the introduction of Factor Bikes first design, the Vis Veres, former pro cyclist Baden Cooke and cyclist/engineer Rob Gitelis bought Factor from bf1 and started building just a few select aero road, TT, and road frame designs. The O2 Frameset is the incredible road race design that weighs in at 740 grams (51cm), yet rides with preternatural smoothness, power transfer, handling, and overall performance.

Each size of the O2 has its own specific lay-up and definitive tube sizes. This is no cookie-cutter frameset. Factor has mastered the processes of Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and frame laminate design with it's Fibersim optimization program, using the only the absolutely necessary types and amounts of carbon fiber and resin for each frame. The company wastes as little material as is possible, and believes that frames are no the place for waste material. Each O2 is built with Factor's EM2 RGicarbon system, employs various amounts of three carbon fiber types: Standard Modulus, Medium Modulus, and the costly and difficult to work with High Modulus Pitch Fiber. Each is applied to it's greatest effect, in accordance with the desired properties of each frame section or tube. Due to the challenges and costs, Pitch fiber is rarely used except at the top-end of the bike world. Factor knows the process and material well, and uses Pitch fiber to it's greatest effect. That exacting process, zero waste, highly informed engineering, and optimal materials combine to deliver a 740 gram frameset that you will want to ride for hours every time you clip in.

Though the O2 is not an "aero road bike", Factor still applies their aerodynamic experience to the design. The tubes shapes, sizes and transitions belie this approach, but the most obvious zone to a layman's eye would be the fork, headtube, frame intersection. It starts with the Svelte fork, which has an organically blended fork crown/headtube junction, and sculpted lowers that all combine to minimize the surface area of the fork. The crown meshes perfectly with the frame. At the same time the design also elicits an incredible smooth and controlled ride quality, at a low overall weight. Both the Svelte fork and O2 rear triangle easily accept 28mm road tires, without looking oversized when 23 or 25mm models are preferred. Given the slim nature of the fork, most riders will be amazed at the lateral stiffness and cornering capability, and blown away by the compliance, even over the roughest surfaces. Those characteristics reflect the material knowledge and construction genius that Factor brings to the table. The O2’s Svelte fork employs a 1⅛" to 1⅜" tapered steerer tube and headtube, which precisely and effortlessly glides while turning on the provided Ceramic Speed headset.

The tubeset flows outward from the headtube junction, with shapes that deliver the strength, comfort and power transfer you expect, with a sleek and refined appearance. You will recognize the now common aerodynamic approach of abbreviated, somewhat squared off rear shape of the vertical tubes, which allow air to flow and fill behind, reducing drag and adding some push forward. The design is very effective for bike stability and handling in any wind, and defeats lateral torsion for rock steady power and energy transfer. The more more rounded and curved shapes combine with the judicious use of proper carbon fiber to produce the vertical compliance and smooth ride that never feels flexy or wasteful. The aerodynamic features also include the carefully positioned and executed internal cable routing system (for both mechanical and electronic systems), and Di2 junction box mount. At first glance you may wonder how the seatpost is adjusted and fastened, but if you look under the toptube and seattube junction, you'll see the bolt access. This is one of the cleanest frame designs you will ever see, and whether you opt for Di2, mechanical, or eTap, the final result can be stunning to behold.

The Factor O2 is a road race bike, and the slightly sloping geometry favors speed, handling and balance you'd associate with a premium race design. A 73 degree seat tube angle is found across the board and the overall positioning is aggressive. The 56cm is built with a 152mm headtube. A 68mm bottom bracket drop will cover you in the corners and keep the bike stable at all times. Factor builds the O2 with standard 130mm rear, 100mm front road dropouts for quick release use; this is a pro bike after all. The 25mm offset Factor Black Inc carbon seatpost comes standard with the frameset. A BBright bottom bracket standard is used on the frame, and Factor supplies a 24mm spindle direct BBright PF Ceramic Speed bottom bracket to keep the friction minimal. A PF30 option is available, please reach out to us at 800.627.6664 to work that out. Other crankset types can be used, you would have to provide the proper BBright bottom bracket.The Factor O2 is set-up with a front derailleur braze-on mount for your convenience, and as you'd expect the full carbon rear dropout features a replaceable machined aluminum rear derailleur hanger.

The complete frameset (chassis) includes Factor Black Inc carbon seatpost, handlebar and stem. We are proud to offer the Factor O2, one of the most coveted road bikes ever made. Please give us a call to discuss any and all questions or technical details. There can be some confusion about what is offered as the frameset and we want to make sure you have all the information you need to pursue your Factor O2 and get it built just right.We hope you will appreciate what Factor offers cyclists who appreciate a premium cycling experience and we look forward working with you to create your dream O2.


  • Premier quality, engineering in a pro-level road race frameset-chassis
  • EM2 RGicarbon system developed over years of high level carbon experience
  • Sleek, slightly sloping, semi-aero design, integrated cable routing, fork/frame interface, integrated hidden seatpost clamp
  • 1⅛" to 1⅜" tapered steerer tube and headtube
  • Svelte fork is specific to O2, with incredible control and smooth ride
  • Aggressive road geometry with ride all day comfort and top performance
  • Frame detail: BBright BB junction, Braze-on FD, 100/130mm QR dropouts
  • Includes: Ceramic Speed 24mm BB, Ceramic Speed headset w/Factor topcap, Factor Black Inc 25mm offset carbon seatpost, carbon stem and handlebar
  • Please note that a saddle DOES NOT come with this Factor Chassis
  • 52cm: 40 bar/100 stem, 54&56 cm: 42 bar/110 stem, 58cm: 44 bar/120 stem
  • Contact us for other BB, stem, and handlebar options
  • Sizes: 52, 54, 56, 58 cm
  • Colors: Celestial Blue, Dolphin Gray, Stealth
  • Weight: 790 grams (54cm frame only)


Reg Price $5,099.00