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CatEye ORB Rear Light

If you need the safety and security of a reliable, inexpensive compact light when you get caught out, the Cateye ORB series Rear Light can bail you out in style. The simple looking light is a sleek, compact design with a red LED bulb housed in an alloy chassis, affixed with a durable rubber strap to a wide variety of diameter seatposts from 22-32mm. The light housing design offers 180 degree visibility and the slight overhang of the housing to the lens both protects the lens and prevents accidental on-off, as the lens is actually the switch as well. This system keeps the ORB straightforward and easy to use.

The ORB Rear Light features three run modes: Constant, Rapid Flash, Slow Flash, all selected by pushing the lens into the housing from the front. ORB is powered by two easily replaceable CR2032 coin cell batteries. This system delivers about 50 hours of power for the Constant mode, or 100 hours in each of the Flash modes. Given that you will likely use the light only when needed, and switch between modes, you will get between 50-100 hours of use before you need to change batteries. Cateye supplies the first two, and CR2032 batteries are widely available, and relatively inexpensive.


  • Low cost, lightweight compact red LED rear safety light
  • Quality construction with aluminum housing, trusty, simple electronics
  • Housing overlaps lens, but has side cuts for 180 degree visibility
  • Lens is actually the on/off and mode button
  • Three run modes: Constant, Rapid Flash, Slow Flash
  • Powered by two easily replaceable CR2032 coin cell batteries
  • Overall run times per mode: Constant 50 hours, Flash (x2) 100 hours
  • Simple rubber strap/ S-clip mounting system for 22-32mm diameter bars


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