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Mavic Open Pro UST Disc Rim

Great news for wheelbuilders and cyclists alike, Mavic has re-invented the iconic Open Pro rim, but for disc brakes, with current technology, design, lower weight, and a UST tubeless rim interface. A bold new look and great ride quality brings handbuilt custom wheels back in play for Mavic, who admittedly had rested on, and perhaps slept on, their past rim laurels. The French giant awakes with this new design, which incorporates several proven modern technologies.

At first glance, most contemporary Mavic fans will recognize the rim weight reduction technique of ISM-4D rim machining. This advanced process removes aluminum rim material that is not needed to support the spoke bed without compromising overall strength. SUP is the proprietary Mavic process for welding the rim joint and machining it to perfection for top strength and wheel balance. The UST tubeless standard is still the most reliable and effective tubeless system for high pressure, making it ideal for road tire use. The disc-only asymmetric rim design itself is wider, with a 19mm internal width (24mm external) and 23-25mm (from ISM-4D process) height to deliver greater strength, wheel stability and better handle the larger tires popular today.

The Open Pro UST Disc Rim has no brake track, and employs the Open Pro standard Stainless Steel eyelets to increase rim strength and durability. Available in 28 and 32 hole options, weighing about 430 grams, this is modern rim to be reckoned with, and we are sure to see a spike in our already busy handbuilt wheels business. Mavic is also offering rim brake and Exalith rim brake versions of this "instant classic" Open Pro UST, so most road cyclists can lace and tension up some fantastic handbuilt, every day wheels in the configuration of their choice.


  • Disc-specific redesign of Open Pro aluminum rim, with UST tubeless design
  • Wider, more modern rim design with 19mm internal width for wider tires
  • Mavic tech: ISM-4D milling, SUP welded/milled joint, UST bed/rim hook
  • Stainless Steel eyelets add strength and durability
  • Rim info: 19mm internal, 24mm external, 23-25mm profile
  • Can be used as standard clincher or UST tubeless with UST tires
  • Mavic recommended tire width range: 28-47mm
  • Options: 28, 32 hole
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 430 grams


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