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Feedback Sports Pro Elite Work Stand Bundle

We are pleased to offer this Feedback Sports Pro Elite Work Stand Bundle, which includes the famous Pro Elite Work Stand, the Feedback Sports Team Edition Tool Kit, and composite Work Tray for the stand. You save money buying this bundle and receive our best selling premium workstand, a great tool set for the driveway or trailhead, and a work tray to keep your cleaners, lubes and parts off the ground at right at hand.

The Feedback Elite repair stand is the choice of many shops and cyclistr due to the clever clamping head, portable lightweight aluminum stand construction, and simple but highly effective adjustable tripod base. The heavy duty, quick release design of the Pro Elite is fast and simple, with exceptional action and durability. When you are constantly loading and unloading bikes to and from your stand, no other clamping system works as well. When clamped the structural and and finish integrity of your bike or post is fully protected. The six sided, extruded aluminum jaws of the clamp are covered with urethane for a soft interface. Capable of supporting up 85lbs when used properly, the Pro Elite is light, strong, and smartly executed.

Feedback Sports has delivered cyclists and mechanics a fantastic line-up or tools that have distinctive features, design and capabilities. The Team Edition Tool Kit was developed for pro team, event, and home mechanics. You get 19 tools, that feature a total of 25 actual functions. All are essential and effective for mountain or road use. Of course you can customize with a few specific tools you may require, removing some you may not, but most people will love the complete set, with it&s hanging case. Whether you are working at home, at the trailhead or in the race tent, this kit makes your life easier, and the high quality tools will serve you well. In less than a minute you can set-up your Pro Elite Work Stand, hang your tool kit and get to work.

A Work Tray is the perfect addition to your Pro Elite. Easy to mount and remove, the composite tray keeps the essentials close at hand for efficient and contained service work. This is much more important when you are on location and a work bench isn't close by. Feedback Sports offers the Tool Tray for just that reason. Not only can you have your tools and care items at the ready, the Tool Tray also encourages you to organize them, with dedicated slots and compartments, while keeping a space for your coffee cup.


  • Bundle special offer with a perfect trio of Feedback Sports equipment
  • Pro Tour level, lightweight portable work stand with quick-release, sensitive use clamp
  • Height adjustable clamp from 42 to 71 inches
  • Easy to open, set-up, and adjust; load capacity of 85lbs
  • Compact, Pro-level Team Edition Tool Kit for event, travel, shop or home use
  • Includes 19 tools that offer 25 functions
  • All tools designed and built for professional use with precision and durability
  • Tools feel great in the hand, by design and materials, file tread grip on handles
  • TPU-coated nylon case is semi-soft, with carefully laid out tool storage system
  • Tools included:
    • Fixed 3-way TORX T25/27/30
    • Fixed 3-way Hex 2/2.5/3mm
    • Fixed 3-way Hex 4/5/6mm
    • L-handle Hex 8mm
    • L-handle Hex 10mm
    • #0 Phillips Screwdriver, with butt end of handle a Shimano Crank arm cap tool
    • #2 Phillips Screwdriver
    • 6mm Flat head Screwdriver
    • Valve Core Tool with ends for Presta and Schrader valves
  • Well, designed and executed Tool Tray for direct mount to a work stand
  • Slots and compartments make organizing and retrieving tools a snap
  • Heavy duty resin construction is impervious to grease and cleans up easily
  • Perfect depth to safely hold tools and accessories
  • Mini parts wash basin has removable drain plug
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