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Pearl Izumi Pro Pursuit Cycling Bib Tight

For the bold and committed cyclist who endeavors to ride, at a high level, outdoors through the winter nothing beats the premium performance of a cycling bib tight. Why? it is the one garment you truly can't layer. It must function alone. Go ahead, think about it. Done? Okay, glad we can agree on that. While there are a handful of premium grade winter bib tights that truly get the job done, none fits and performs as well for more cyclists than the Pearl Izumi Pro Pursuit Cycling Bib Tight. As a Pursuit-series piece, the cut is optimized for a more assertive cycling position, not at all ideal for an upright rider. You wan the fit to follow form, without bunching at the waist or drooping off the back. The fabric is multi-faceted but all developed to function properly against the body. Where Pearl truly wins with this tight is that their technical fabrics perform great while being resilient to regular use and laundering. In other words, if you follow the care instructions and stay off the ground, it will last more than couple of years, delivering the same high performance winter after winter.

PRO level garments get Pearl's premium fabric technology and design that favors serious cyclists. The incredibly supple and highly effective PRO Softshell panels keep you protected- warm and dry, while aligning with your physiology for pure freedom of movement and moderate muscle compression. You'll find these panels on the front and upper back of the legs and backside. The material is highly breathable, soft on the inside and very comfortable on the bike. For the lower front of the legs, a lighter weight Softshell is used for additional splash protection. On the back, the PRO Thermal fabric ensures warmth, protecting the muscles, tendons and ligaments that have less mass. This material features the incredible, water shedding PI Dry™ technology, so it functions just as fleece normally does (soft, free moving, warm), but with complete protection so you won''t get wet. This avoids the need to use a heavier or less flexible material to achieve the same goal.

Details wise, the Pro Pursuit Cycling Bib Tight is innovative and minimalist. Despite it being a full length tight, the leg openings are zipperless. The fabric is easy enough to navigate and the cuff sit cleanly under a tall shoe bootie. No excess zippers or potential sources of irritation. The bib upper gets the same Thermal fleece with PI Dry™ that back of the lower legs feature. Wonderfully soft against the skin, with a perfect amount of stretch, this upper covers most of the back and covers over the hips for additional warmth. The key is that the fleece eases moisture of the skin, allowing it to pass through outer layers. It is possible to be both warm and dry on a high output winter training ride. The bib straps themselves feature a raw edge so you avoid a build-up of materials that can create friction and subsequent chafing. Simple, but highly effective details win the day.

Yes, this is a cycling bib tight, so we saved the chamois for last. Not to hide it, but to leave it as the last impression before you decide to buy. Pearl Izumi has long produced some of the top chamois pads in the industry, and while we recognize individual preferences, again, in our experience these pads work for a lot of cyclists. The top level PRO Pursuit 1:1™ Chamois features an array multi density foams for targeted anatomic support for comfort without bulk, and maximum breathability in any and all conditions. Both of these aspects are always crucial on the bike, but never more so than in winter. Staying, warm, dry and pain free matters when you have few options to change your situation. Even on challenging winter rides, many riders find themselves seated more, for longer periods of times. Sometimes that is driven by road conditions, at other times by a sense of mental numbness that often hits after about an hour in sub 30 degree temps, with the focus on rhythmic pedaling, keeping your hands as relaxed as possible, and your breathing regular, especially if the road conditions aren't ideal for out of the saddle sprints to keep you lively and relieve the pressure.

For under $200 you won't find a greater combination of fabric technology and performance, with resilience and durability to match than the Pearl Izumi PRO Pursuit Cycling Bib Tight. Period.


  • Premium grade winter cycling bib tight for serious cold weather training
  • Form fit for a more assertive and aggressive cycling position
  • PRO level 3-layer Softshell Panels for wind and water protection in key area
  • Lighter weight Softshell on lower legs for splash protection
  • Thermal fabric w/ water-shedding PI Dry™ technology on back of legs and bib upper
  • Minimal raw edge straps on bib upper for layering comfort
  • PRO Pursuit 1:1™ Chamois with multi density foams for targeted support and maximum breathability
  • Zipperless, elasticized cuffs for comfort under shoe covers
  • BioViz™ reflective elements for low light visibility
  • Fabrics: PRO Softshell 39% nylon 34% polyester 21% LYCRA® 6% polyurethane; Thermal Panels 56% nylon 30% polyester 14% LYCRA®; Lower Legs 100% polyester; Softshell Fabric Weight: 350 g/m2
  • Suggested temperature range: 28-43°F
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 373 grams (Large)


Reg Price $170.00