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Cervelo R3 Disc LTD Frameset

For 2019 Cervelo carried over the design of the 2nd generation R3 Disc frameset with just fresh colorways to set it apart. Now Limited Edition color options have been released as well. This version offers key adjustments from it's predecessor in the tube structure, frame and fork clearance, as well as the thru-axle system to truly improve on the impressive debut version. The more race oriented geometry stays- setting you up slightly lower and longer for better balance and handling capability. So what actually changed from the 1st gen? First and foremost the frame and fork can easily handle 700x28mm tires on a 25mm wide rim, with the fork also capable of 30mm tire. Second, stiffness and aerodynamics improved with the modified SquovalMax tubeset used by the R5. The changes resulted in a road race level frameset that is laterally stiffer, more aerodynamic, and super responsive.

The standard thin R3 seatstays and larger volume tires also further reduce the effects of road vibration and impact, making the frameset more comfortable while increasing performance. It is important to note that the SquovalMax tubes used by the R3 Disc still allow the use of a round 27.2mm diameter seatpost (included), not the proprietary squareback model of the R5. We have had customers opt for the R3 for this very reason, even though the R5 offers other benefits at a higher price. The Rapid Axle Technology (RAT) thru-axle system makes wheel changes faster and easier, though it is a good idea to practice with this system before you take to the road. All in all, if you are looking for a wholly capable road disc brake bike that would be perfect in a local crit, charging up and down a mountain, or simply carrying you over long miles and serious smiles, the R3 Disc Frameset lays out the foundation of a spectacular complete bike.

Cervelo had already begun the process of bringing the R3 and R5 geometries back to more a race configuration in the R3, and aggressive pro race in the R5 when the more relaxed R2 was released. The lowered bottom bracket height and 73°/73° seattube/headtube angles on the 54-61 cm R3 sizes feel more race appropriate and ensure capable handling at speed. The 48 and 51 cm sizes have slightly different headtube angles to ensure safe toe-tire overlap. Headtube length on the 56cm is a 159mm to ensure an aggressive posture is feasible, yet with 4cm of stack height above the upper bearing to work with, most somewhat flexible riders can find an appropriate position. The 410mm rear center length feels natural with a 700x25 or 28mm tire and works well with the front center (frame-size specific) to deliver a wheelbase that is stable, yet offers quick, smooth handling. That is a balance that can be difficult to achieve, yet the R3 Disc carries it off with aplomb.

Disc brake use allows Cervelo to engineer a carbon frame with a 12/142mm rear thru-axle design, which adds substantial stiffness to the one-piece, wider back end. The lack of a seatstay bridge (no rim brake mount required) and UCI compliant (1cm thick) seatstays means the R3 Disc stays vertically compliant, and weight gain from the adaptation to disc is somewhat mitigated. Cervelo uses the flat mount disc brake standard for the frame and fork, and is fully compatible with 140mm rotors, as well as 160mm (with adapters). Cervelo opted for faster, secure wheel changes provided by the RAT thru-axle system, which eliminates threads in favor a reliable twist-lock axle end. The fork features Cervelo's Evolved Steerer design and is a tapered disc-only unit, at 1⅛" x 1½" with a 12/100mm thru-axle dropout system. The fork features an internal routing for the brake housing and plenty of stiffness to counter deflection from the hub-based disc rotors. Compliance means a smooth ride, even on the rough stuff, but the fork never feels flexy. At just 50 grams more than the standard R3 fork, this is feat of engineering unto itself.

The fork rides into the matched tapered headtube that, along with the main frame tubes, ensures exceptional torsional stiffness under any load. The always evolving square-oval, or Squoval tubeset is a slighly modified SquovalMax version, which offers shapes that master torsion and transfer power, while laid-up in such a way that comfort is not sacrificed yet emphasize the squared-back tube shape that has proven to be more efficient and aero stable on bicycles than standard NACA designs. Cervelo has demonstrated that SquovalMax is far more aerodynamic than any round tubeset, and adds benefit on the road. The added width from the use of disc brakes gained in the rear triangle allowed the engineers to increase the size and stiffness of the already oversized 79mm wide BBright bottom bracket junction by 20%, which is amazing because the standard R3 BBright shell is highly regarded for it's stiffness and power transfer. Cervelo adds their integrated Reduced Friction Bottom Bracket Guide, and new downtube Future Proof internal routing and interchangeable stop system for hydraulic, electronic or mechanical systems.

As a whole, the R3 Disc frameset has the features road cyclists require, along with tire clearance for at least 28mm tires on 25mm wide rims the big differences for discerning cyclists who have embraced the all-weather practicality and enhanced frame advantages that come with road disc brake set-ups.


  • R3 disc brake road race frameset designed for performance, comfort and balance in true R3 tradition
  • Road race geometry favors responsive, assertive handling and acceleration
  • Frame and fork designed specifically for flat mount disc brakes, RAT thru-axles
  • Bottom bracket and chainstays larger, 20% stiffer than standard R3
  • One-piece rear triangle, slender 1cm thick R3 seatstays, no rim brake bridge
  • Flat-mount standard disc brakes, thru-axles enhance safety, wheel, hub and rotor/caliper alignment; overall braking performance
  • Modified SquovalMax tubeset design with tapered carbon, disc specific fork: 1⅛" x 1½" and FSA IS-2 headset included
  • Easy tire clearance to 28mm, perhaps larger depending on actual tire/rim specs
  • Future Proof internal cable routing and stop set keeps things clean, working properly for either a mechanical or electronic shifting system, new downtube routing
  • RAT twist-lock thru-axles front/rear supplied for 12/100mm front, 12/142mm rear
  • Cervelo SP-19 Carbon 27.2 x 400 mm round seatpost included
  • Braze-on front derailleur tab
  • BBright bottom bracket system or adapter equivalent required
  • Sizes: 48, 51, 54, 56, 58 cm
  • Limited Edition colorway: Olive/Coral/Orange
Reg Price $3,000.00
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Cervelo Geometry Chart

Aspero Geometry
SizeTop Tube LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandover StackReach
Caledonia (all) Geometry
SizeTop Tube LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandover StackReach
R3 / R-Series Geometry
SizeTop Tube LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandover StackReach
R5 Geometry
SizeTop Tube LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandover StackReach
S3 Geometry
SizeTop Tube LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandover StackReach
S5 Geometry
SizeTop Tube LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandoverStackReach