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Panaracer Race A EVO4 Tubeless Tire

With the Race A EVO4 Tubeless tires, Panaracer has raised the stakes in the road tubeless tire category. Panaracer has long produced some of the best rubber for road, allroad and gravel use, but the story of the Race A EVO4 Tubeless is the advancements made from the EVO3 series tubeless tire. Having developed a superior tubeless bead shape for the EVO3 series, the engineers made the fit more forgiving at installation to address a complaint of the 3-series tire. With that determined, the team moved to design and build the lightest possible tubeless road tires, and that process required the wholly upgraded ZSG Advanced Compound, with better inherent protection from small penetrations, more advanced wet/dry grip to the tune of a 20% improvement over the previous compound. Rolling resistance was also reduced- by 10%. These are real performance gains from the EVO3, which was a true road race tire.

The rubber tread and overall tire shape is a new version of the Panaracer All Contact shape, which maximizes the capabilities of the ZSG rubber compound. The advanced development of the Race A EVO4 Tubeless Tire also required a lighter all around AX-a casing and lightweight ProTite protection belt. The result? The 700x28 Race A EVO4 Tubeless Tire weighs in at 240 grams (actual weight on our scales), which is lighter than most standard 28mm clincher tires and the same weight as the EVO4 28mm clincher, with the 25mm size coming at 210 grams. You get the benefit of that tube-free weight with superior grip, feel, and proven puncture protection. To us this means you have the most competitive, high performing road tubeless race tire available.


  • Exceptionally light, all-around, race-level road tubeless tire that is easier to install
  • Proprietary Probead construction that seals great, now more flexible and forgiving
  • Mounted on 19mm internal width TL ready rim at 80psi, the 28mm measured 28.1mm
  • Supple, light and highly effective Protite puncture-protection layer under the tread
  • ZSG Advanced Compound is lighter, inherently more resilient to small particle infiltration, offer 10% lower rolling resistance, and 20% more wet-dry grip than the EVO3 series
  • New All Contact shape tire shape maximizes the ZSG AC rubber
  • Sizes: 700x25, 700x28
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 25mm 210g, 28mm 240g
  • Made in Japan


Reg Price $79.99