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Panaracer RiBMo PT Tire

The Panaracer RiBMo PT tire is possibly one of the best training, commuting and harsh condition tire ever made. The reason is simple: it handles better than any tire in its class. It's not hard to make a durable tire that has long lasting tread, but try to produce a tire that has those qualities, yet has good handling manners. That is where the RiBMo shines. Simply put, when you compare the durability:performance ratio this tire has no equal.

Panaracer borrowed the AC/All Contact technology from the Race Type tire range to enhance performance. All Contact features a steeper angle and profile/shape of the tread from the center of the tire to the bead. When the tire rolls over to a lean angle, you get complete contact or All Contact for superb grip and stability. Special inverted grooves offer flex tread flex for added grip and proper syphoning in wet and inclement conditions. The tread compound itself is Panaracer's Mile Cruncher variety. It offers a good amount of grip and fast rolling properties while still offering the rider many, many miles of wear time. The combonation of All Contact and Mileage Cruncher tread is the secret to the RiBMos great performance.

For Durability, the RiBMo has a an 800Dpolyamide cord casing. It is almost twice as strong conventional tire casings. The 800D has good rigidity which decreases pinch flats and makes catastrophic sidewall cuts a thing of the past. Working in tandem with the 800D casing is the PT shield. The PT shield is a fabric layer that covers the casing protecting it from road debris. It is very similar to Kevlar, but with 3 times the puncture resistance and more flexibility, so it will not impede performance.

If you are in the market for a bomber training or commuting tire that offer excellent performance and technology the RiBMo is a great choice. Just because you want a durable tire, doesn't have to mean you have to be stuck with sub-standard performance anymore.


  • All Contact shape and profile
  • Mile Cruncher compound with inverted tread pattern
  • PT Shield casing fabric
  • Bomber 800D polymide casing
  • Folding Aramid bread
  • Ultimate training/commuting tire
  • 23mm -300 grams
  • 25mm -340 grams
  • 28mm -370 grams
  • 26" - 382 grams
Sale Price
Reg Price $49.99


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Average Rating:


Posted on 10/16/2017

I bought these tires (25mm) for a gran fondo that included approx. 12 miles of gravel, knowing that I needed durability without sacrificing performance. These fit the bill. The gravel ended up being much harsher terrain than I or anyone else expected. So each time I passed another rider that was fixing a flat, I politely asked if I could help, while thinking that I was grateful that I had a set of tires that could stand up to the challenge. I will be riding these all winter, confident that Im on a set of tires that should get me home.

Pros There are some tough tires


Posted on 6/10/2015

Put it this way: Im going to purchase 10 more of these tires and will be set for the remainder of my life. I commute on roads w/ bike lanes filled with gravel, rocks, nails, trash and these tires are impervious to punctures (the casing is tough). Not only that but the rubber does not pit out or square off (the tread is tough). They still corner/ride well for a training tire, but that is more a function of the 25 mm size than anything else. I tried the Panaracer Type D but they pitted and punctured too often.

Pros Indestructible, hard wearing, avalil in 25 mm

Cons I've been told they dont grip on gravel roads


Posted on 11/15/2014

Very puncture resistant tires, better than Gatorskins. However they are also stiffer, and less compliant. The tread grip is lower but treadwear is better. They are excellent for riding through unsafe urban areas as they resist glass punctures very well. Schwalbe marathons are a better all around tire but are much more expensive.

Pros Puncture resistance

Cons Compliance


Posted on 7/3/2013

These tires cut my number of commuting flats by more than 50 vs. Continental Gator Skins.

Pros best commuting tire ever/good performance/price

Cons none


Posted on 10/1/2012

Awesome tire. Grips really well and last s a long time. I got about 7k out of my rear. Been through two sets, used both of them for commuting, would actually recommend them for a performance tire too.

Pros long lasting

Cons none


Posted on 7/31/2012

Best training tire ever made. I used to use the Specialized Armadillo, which are pretty durable, but they handle like crap. The Ribmo are incredibly durable, as much as the Armadillo, but handle great. I have commuted and winter trained mostly in Colorado with dirt roads, wet group rides, you name it. These tires rock. Oh yeah, I also got about 6-7k out of the rear tire. Booyah!

Pros Cheap, durable and handle great

Cons none


Posted on 4/21/2010 11:20:22 AM

Picture this: You are riding at night through a bad part of town. The potholed, poorly lit street is strewn with glass, rocks and debris. Not a good place to repair a flat. Or you are riding loop in the desert, and trying to make it to your car after dark, when suddenly the pavement ends and the surface turns into rutted washboard strewn with rocks and broken glass. You crave a set of highly puncture resistant tires, with enough cushion and structure to protect you and your bike from impacts from small rocks and pinch flats. Well, here they are! I have a set of 28 mm RiBMO’s on my light touring wheels. Very comfy, low rolling resistance, and total confidence. I love these tires, and you will, too! A bit on the heavy side, but worth every extra gram. NB:They are larger than most 28 mm tires, and will not fit my road bike fork. They easily fit my touring fork. Suggestion to Panaracer: a reflective strip option would be nice!