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Q-Tubes Road Tube

QBP, one of the largest distributors in the cycling world offers a great selection of quality butyl tubes to fit both standard road and larger volume gravel-type and CX tires. We offer sizes from 23mm for standard road and other sizes up to 45mm depending on which tube you require These standard weight tubes are not of the ultra light variety, so you can expect durability and reliability in the field. The threaded valve stem features a removable core, so they are compatible with a variety of valve extenders and you can add sealant via an injector if you wish.

We offer these tubes in valve length and tube diameter options. Choose the between 32mm, 48mm and 60mm valve lengths depending on your rim depth. When in doubt, just go with the 48mm. It fits almost any standard or semi-standard rim depth. The 28mm-32mm diameter fits most larger road and cross tires while the monster 35mm-48mm diameter will fit the largest of 700c tires.


  • Tube size for many road tire volume requirements
  • Threaded valve stem
  • Removable valve core
  • Choose tube size and valve stem length
  • Weight: 118-165 grams

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