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Cervelo S3 Disc Frameset 2019 BLEM

Photos on this BLEM frameset are forthcoming, but it is available for sale now. The S3 Frameset 2019 BLEM comes with the frame, fork, seatpost and features a non-standard stem-fork interface. NOTE: Feb 26th, we are waiting on a front derailleur braze-on tab from Cervelo. We encourage you to confirm a build plan and how the stem/fork interface works with us or a local Cervelo dealer before purchasing. Please contact us at or 800.627.6664 for more details or to discuss a frame-up build.

For the 2019 release, Cervelo has made significant improvements with the S3 Disc Frameset to deliver a stiffer, faster, smoother, and more aerodynamic experience across the full S3 range. While the S5 design remains the pinnacle of the aero S-series line-up, the S3 may well be the perfect race bike for cyclists with a desire to be great, but lacking the budget of software developer. Or, consider the needs and desires of cycling enthusiasts who simply believe in maximum performance, dominating the light pole sprint in the weekend group ride, and having the fastest bike they can afford.

As popular and respected as the R-series bikes are both within and outside Cervelo, the S-series truly represents the core engineering and aerodynamic values of the Canadian company. The current TrueAero tube and overall frame design represent the evolution of NACA-derived aero shapes and the application of flatback, or Kamm tail design. Perhaps the best way to think of this is consider the NACA shapes as variations of elliptical or oval airfoils, as commonly seen on airplanes. The Kamm tail is essentially a foil with a squared-off back side. This is much more effective at speeds that bicycles attain, with the overall oval widening slightly as from the front to back. This increases the time the frontal or angled onrushing air stays cleanly on the tube and releases cleanly off the back, while providing a push, from what is known as laminar boundary layer.

The aerodynamic advantages of this are clear, but the focus of the engineering is on how to bring each tube shape and junction together to create a complete aero package. Yet that is only a portion of the S3, or any other frameset story. The assembly needs to be a performance bike that offers torsional headtube and bottom bracket stiffness- which is augmented by the flatback design, along with proper geometry, an appropriate level of vertical compliance. Overall safety is, of course, paramount. So the sleek lines and optimal integration you see from the outside houses a lay-up of various carbon fiber types that deliver safety, strength, power transfer, control and a connection to the road that inspires. Of course some of the engineering can be seen as well, with the Asymmetric BBright system and chainstays the most obvious. The aero fork, frame interface is both visually impressive and aerodynamically sound, while the partial seattube cutout carries the air that clings to the frame and guides it as cleanly as possible beyond the rear wheel.

The disc brake design of the full carbon S3 fork and frame has allowed the the designers to improve tire clearance (up to 30mm) and overall dropout stiffness, while improving the aero principles of the fork and rear stays that no longer have a brake to carry. The disc caliper mount is the Flat Mount standard, and the maximum rotor size is 160mm. Cable/housing routing for the fork and frame is internal, with the S3 employing the Aero Cable Management system. For the S3 a unique aspect of this is the AB09 aero handlebar and the ST29 Stem combination, that appear as standard equipment but are designed to work together to bring the cables underneath the bar to pass into the stem and down the headtube to the frame. Yes, this requires a new headset bearing tension system and some deft handling, but even with mechanical cable/housing and hydraulic hose set-up this is practical, and once assembled once becomes much easier to manage. The end result is a super clean bar and stem set-up that features your levers and tape. Nothing else. It is impressive, and improves aero efficiency.


  • 54cm Red/Black/White Cervelo S3 Frameset with BLEM feature
  • Finish BLEM is a nick/dig into the clear and paint on driveside, toptube; frame was inspected by Cervelo and approved for sale as a BLEM with structural warranty protection
  • Re-engineered S3 Disc Frameset design with 14% improved aero efficiency
  • TrueAero tubeset features advanced flatback design, new fork/stem system
  • Aero Cable Management system with bar-stem hidden routing into headtube
  • Tech: Partial seattube cutout, integrated fork-downtube system, BBright 79mm Asymmetric bottom bracket shell, rear stay, aero seatpost
  • Carbon S3 Disc fork with integrated routing, 12/100mm thru-axle, Flat Mount
  • Frame features 12/142mm thru-axle, improve lay-up for better compliance
  • Requires braze-on type front derailleur
  • Includes: Cervelo AB09 bar, ST20 stem, SP20 setback seatpost, thru-axles
  • BLEM Size/Details: 54cm / Bar 42cm (80mm reach, 128mm drop), Stem 100mm
  • Color: Red/Black/White (not Fluoro)

Non-standard stem/fork/routing interface that can be managed by a knowledgeable mechanic but it is a bit tricky, so please contact us before purchasing.

Reg Price $4,200.00
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Cervelo Geometry Chart

Aspero Geometry
SizeTop Tube LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandover StackReach
Caledonia (all) Geometry
SizeTop Tube LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandover StackReach
R3 / R-Series Geometry
SizeTop Tube LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandover StackReach
R5 Geometry
SizeTop Tube LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandover StackReach
S3 Geometry
SizeTop Tube LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandover StackReach
S5 Geometry
SizeTop Tube LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandoverStackReach