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Quarq SRAM Red DZero Power Meter Crank


As part of the SRAM family, Quarq's reputation for quality, light weight and cutting edge data collection has been well earned, and direct product alignment for their DZero power meter crank with the Red drivetrain is a no brainer. Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology and ANT+ wireless data transfer choices delivers more options and simple smartphone direct set-up. The Qalvin BLE app delivers wireless firmware updates, diagnostics, power meter zeroing and calibration, and is equally useful for home or bike shop service, and riders of any level. You can even change the power meter’s slope using the built-in calibration routines. It is great to have such a simple and useful interface for these processes.

The powermeter itself is housed in a CNC machined aluminum spider that is mated to a lightweight Red Exogram™ Hollow Carbon crank arm with one of several spindle/bottom bracket set-ups (ex. GXP, BB30, BB386EVO, etc). The combination was developed for complete integration. The stiffness and power transfer of the crankset is excellent, and there is zero power loss from the spider design. SRAM's Red and other (made to SRAM spec) 5- bolt 11-speed hidden bolt chainrings (not included) will bolt right on the spider via the same hardware. The OmniCal calibration system ensures that you can install and change rings without impacting the power meter's overall calibration. The alignment of the five arm design keeps the Quarq battery compartment completely accessible on the front of the crankset, just above the arm. ANT+ or BLE transmission is verified by LED for simple, clear operation, and Quarq makes the ANT+ ID visible to ensure proper connection.

Quarq has installed their AxCad™ accelerometer, which eliminates the need for a cadence magnet. Given the shape and size of the spider, many frames formerly had difficulty accommodating the unit and the magnet. Now the set-up is cleaner and you have more frame clearance. AxCad is a highly reliable measure of cadence while pedaling, and reacts quickly to changes and stoppage. Many power meter manufacturers have struggled to address temperature variation, but the engineers developed new sensors and firmware, called 10K™ temperature compensation, that eliminates temperature effects on power measurement through more frequent, more accurate temperature readings throughout the pedal stroke. Quarq considers the DZero to be accurate in all conditions to within +/- 1.5%, placing it among the most accurate power meters on the market.

ANT+ wireless transmission gives you maximum flexibility in your choice of head units from Garmin, PowerTap, Lezyne, and so on. Or you can choose BLE capable units or smartphones. Syncing your DZero is simple, as is your pre-ride zeroing. All of the usual power measurement metrics are measured and calculated for your head unit and can be downloaded or transferred to your favorite training and analysis programs, such as Training Peaks, Strava, and Golden Cheetah. The widely available CR2032 battery generally delivers 300 hours of transmission before replacement is necessary, so you won't have to worry about losing data. Quarq power meters have an IPX7 waterproof rating, so you ride in the rain all you want. They feature a 2-year warranty, free firmware updates, and strong Quarq-direct support.

The bottom line is that once you know the the bottom bracket configuration for your frameset, you can set yourself up with the appropriate DZero, Your SRAM 11-speed double drivetrain will love the RED Quarq DZero Power Meter Crank. You make no sacrifices in shifting quality or performance and get one of the most accurate power meters available. The 580-620 gram crank weight is competitively light and stiff, so again, no sacrifices.


  • Spider-based, BLE & ANT+ powermeter GXP crank designed to integrate with SRAM 11-speed road chainrings with Hidden Bolt (HB) only (no rings)
  • Red-level Exogram™ Hollow Carbon crank arms, GXP spindle, and CNC aluminum spider unit supplied
  • Compatible SRAM 11s HB chainrings ensure the chain derailment pin aligns with the crankarm
  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology and ANT+ wireless data transfer
  • 10K™ temperature compensation eliminates effect on power measurement
  • AxCad™ accelerometer cadence eliminates the need for a magnet
  • LED indicator and visible ANT+ ID streamline installation and operation
  • OmniCal™ means you can change chainrings without affecting accuracy
  • Free firmware upgrades with the Quarq Qalvin BLE app
  • Accuracy: +/- 1.5%
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • CR2032 battery provides 300 hours of riding time, external access for replacement
  • Bottom bracket types: GXP road(stepped 24/22mm), BB30
  • Q-factor: 145mm
  • Spider options: 110 BCD, 130 BCD
  • Crank length options: 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm


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