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Speedplay SYZR Cleat Set

Speedplay's SYZR Cleatset works with both Stainless and Titanium SYZR pedals. The cleatset features patented, micro-adjustable float technology similar to Speedplay's well-proven Zero road cleats. By designing a pivot mechanism directly into the cleat, SYZR's are the only off-road pedal that offer a 10-degree range of float. Left and right float can be micro adjusted independently from each other for a truly perfect, custom feel. The knee-friendly float is friction free without the return to center pressure of other systems. Cleat set-up is easier too since there is no need to reposition the cleat to make angular adjustments.

Two wing-shaped Funnel Guides at the front of each cleat effectively increase the size of the target area to facilitate easier engagement by steering the cleat into the pedal's latch mechanism. Additionally, engagement security has been optimized by reversing the typical orientation of the pedal's latch mechanism with the spring tension in the front. The SYZR's new latch design prevents inadvertent release when pulling hard on the pedals so you can ride aggressively with increased confidence.

SYZR cleats use special ceramic roller-cam contacts to ensure consistent release in wet or muddy conditions. Instead of the usual sliding metal-to-metal connection that allows other pedals to seize during release, SYZR cleats feature ceramic roller-cams that allow the cleats to roll out of the pedal. In addition to improving consistency of release, the ceramic roller-cams provide exceptional, long-term durability. Includes a full set of cleats with hardware.

Exclusive Features

  • 10-degree micro-adjustable friction , non-centering, free float
  • Dedicated float pivot has no re-centering force
  • Active Cleat Stabilization
  • Direct Drive power transfer
  • Target acquisition technology
  • Roller Cam release technology
  • Ceramic cleat contact point technology

Additional Features

  • Compatible with 2-hole shoes
  • Pivot in cleat reduces wear and tear between pedal and cleat

Please Note: Due to manufacturer restrictions, we are unable to ship Speedplay products outside the United States

Available on 3/9/2020


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