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Hutchinson Sector 28 Tubeless Tire

Aptly named after the sectors of Pave and cobbles in the famed Paris Roubaix classic, this tire is aimed to fulfill your needs on dirt, cobbles, rough pavement, chip seal and anything else you want to through at it. Interestingly enough, the Secteur 28 tires were originally designed for the FDJ racing team who were sponsored by Hutchinson for use in some European spring classics. They were never actually intended to be sold on a retail level, however, after witnessing significant growth in the tubeless tire market, Hutchinson decided to offer these for consumption by the general public.

The unique tread compound grips well in all conditions and has a very unique profile. The center bead is slick for fast rolling, while the corner bead has a micro, then macro dot-matrix like tread pattern for added grip when you're leaning the tire over in a turn.

The square carbon fiber bead profile on the Fusion 3 tubeless matches tubeless specific rims for the important lock-tight fit required for reliable performance on a tubeless system. Hutchinson is an innovator in tubeless technology and has lead the way with tubeless in the mountain arena and now are setting the standard in road tire innovation.


  • Larger volume tubeless road tire with racing pedigree
  • Designed for Classics season with pro teams
  • Hutchinson tubeless squared bead
  • Smooth/knurled tread pattern
  • Durable casing
  • Weight: 284 grams
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Reg Price $78.99


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Average Rating:


Posted on 7/25/2018

Originally I purchased these tires for a gravel bike to use for pavement, but liked them so much, I ended up switching them over to a road tubeless set-up. I have logged close to 5000 miles on the same set and they have held up very well, only having to patch the inside of each tire once due to glass. The first several months I ran them at 90psi and I now run them around 70 psi, as they tend to ride much nicer especially when there isn't a lot of great pavement. I've also run them a few hundred miles on gravel and wouldn't hesitate to run them more. These tires have exceeded my expectations.

Pros Durable, ride quality

Cons none


Posted on 2/18/2018

I installed the BW version of the Sector 28 on some 20 mm inside / 24 mm outside width Kinlin rims. Mounting was no problem and tires held air well before adding sealant. The tires measured almost 28 mm as mounted. The BW version has a nice 1cm wide wear strip in the center of the tread. The handling is quick and predictable on every surface. High speed cornering couldn't be better. Dirt and light gravel are no problem. Rough pavement is much smoother than with Conti tires I used previously. I'm 195cm tall and weigh 80kg and run the pressure between 60 - 75 psi depending on the surface. Even with the lower pressures the sidewalls are firm and there's no sense of squirming on corners. Highly recommended!

Pros Confident cornering, stable at lower pressures

Cons None


Posted on 3/22/2017

These are awesome! I run 65 front and 75 rear and its like floating. Plenty of confidence while cornering and they last and last and last (5k miles on the rear so far). A bit of Stans inside and thorns are no longer an issue. Highly recommended.

Pros Durability, ride quality

Cons Pricey, but they are super durable.


Posted on 6/5/2013

I had been waiting for a fat tubeless road tire since I purchased a road tubeless setup. I bought these as soon as I saw they were available. They are great. lighter than the (skinny) 25 mm intensive and a lot more fun to ride. I live near Boulder, CO and often ride dirt roads and these have been great fun to ride and durable in sketchy and loose canyon roads as well as the farm roads out on the plains. My perception is they roll plenty fast, although I am not a road racer. They fit (barely) in a 2012 Specialized Tarmac.

Pros great ride, durable, light

Cons none