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Ritchey SuperLogic Logic II Handlebar

Ritchey handlebars have changed the standards by which bars are judged. Offering a variety of ergonomic shapes, dimensions and materials, Ritchey has pushed the boundaries of both aluminum and carbon fiber. Seeking light weights, incredible torsional stiffness and optimal comfort, the company has forced every other component manufacturer to improve their products, and for that, all cyclists benefit. AT the top of the Ritchey product tree stands the SuperLogic series, and the Logic II model handlebar demonstrates the capabilities of this legacy cycling business.

Engineered and built as a monocoque design continuous uni-directional carbon fiber, the SuperLogic Logic II is strong where it needs to be, while attenuating road vibration and delivering precision steering control in the most precarious of high speed corners. At just 190 grams in 42cm size, the bar is impressively light and stiff, yet comfortable over long hard hours in the saddle. The anatomic shape and dimensions have been carefully refined over the years, taking into account hand size and placement, as well as shifter body design and mounting preferences. Rather than a "one size fits all" concept, the dimensions of the bar increase with sizing. This is true of the width, reach and drop. Along with the general shape and extension of the drops, this ensures better arm and hand clearance when working through the drops and other positions on the bar.

The 31.8mm diameter bar has an extended central zone that allows for aerobar installation, as well as an oversized front channel for routing both brake and derailleur housing cleanly under the tape. The channel design is also part of the construction process that increases stiffness under load. Current shifter bodies can be set-up fairly flat to the top of the curve radius, and the anatomic shape makes lever reach easy than many other bars, even when you are slightly lower on the bar. Ritchey uses a grit surface at the stem and shifter mounting zones to eliminate slip, and encourages the use of their Liquid Torque compound or other carbon paste products to augment the grit surface.

Ritchey bars are measured center to center at the lever mounting zones on the curve, so a 44cm size will be a true 44cm C-C on the hoods. The progressive drop/reach dimensions per size: 40cm = 125/72, 42cm = 132/78, 44cm = 144/82. While there are many great handlebars on the market today; Ritchey alone produces several other top-level options, the SuperLogic Logic II is still a best seller. Riders who love it enjoy the anatomic drop, the stiffness, and the light weight. It has been a hugely popular bar with Ritchey-sponsored pro cycling teams, with many sprinters and roulers opting for the Logic II over the Curve series bars. If the dimensions and shapes work for you, you will likely replace the bars on all your bikes with the SuperLogic Logic II.


  • Lightweight, stiff, anatomic handlebar design favored by many pro cyclists
  • UD carbon construction with monocoque structure
  • Progressive dimensions throughout for each bar size
  • Oversized channel on front of bar for dual housing routing
  • 31.8mm diameter with room for clip-on aerobar installation
  • Drop shape and extension favors riders who like to ride in the drops, sprinters
  • Grit texture at stem and shift lever mounting zones for no-slip installation
  • Progressive drop/reach dimensions per size:
    • 40cm = 125/72 mm
    • 42cm = 132/78 mm
    • 44cm = 144/82 mm
  • Sizes: 40, 42, 44 cm C-C at shift lever mounts
  • Color: UD carbon matte
Sale Price
Reg Price $299.95


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Posted on 6/13/2010 7:02:46 PM

General info., the 44cm Ritchey Superlogic 2 handlebars weight 198grams. The Ritchey 1st generation WCS carbon Logic 44cm bars weight 204 grams. A whopping 6 gram difference!! Regardless, both bars are sweet.