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Panaracer T-Serv PT Tire

When Panaracer developed the T-Serv PT, they were after the performance seeking commuter. They clearly achieved that by offering a tire that is the lightest in its class, has solid technology which leads to reliability in harsh urban conditions while offering good performance and grip. So for an urban/commuter tire design, well done Panaracer, best of show. What they didn't realize was the T-Serv PT also turns out to be one of the best pure training tires available. For the rider looking for a bomber tire that you can train in adverse conditions, is reasonably light and offers good performance per durability, this is a great choice.

The super grippy ZSG (Zero Slip Grip) tread is a natural rubber compound with some added silica. It works in dry and inclement conditions and is long lasting and cut resistant. The tread edges are siphoned for added grip and has purging channels running from the center tread to the leading edge. The Dot Matrix pattern on all raised tread blocks adds traction without increasing rolling resistance. The T-Serv PT has Panaracer's flexible and pliant PT belt the runs bead to bead for the ultimate in protection. It acts as a barrier between the casing and tube and makes it almost impossible for average debris from the outside world to enter the inner casing and cause a flat. Panaracer uses the supple but bomber 400D Lite Cord casing to provide increased sidewall durability and stiffness without adding weight. Weight of the tire is very respectable and the recommended tire pressure is 115psi for the 23mm and 105psi for the 28mm width.

Summary for the T-Serv. Top commuting or training tire with emphasis on durability in the field while keeping an eye on weight, performance and rolling resistance.


  • Siphoned corner bead with Dot Matrix center tread
  • Zero Slip Grip natural rubber compound
  • Aramid folding bead
  • Bead to bead PT protection layer
  • 400D Lite Extra Cord casing
  • Lightest tire in its class
  • Bombproof reliability in the field
  • 700x25mm - 261 grams
  • 700x28mm - 280 grams
  • Made in Japan

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