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Profile Design T4 Plus Aluminum Aerobar

The T4 Plus Clip-On TT Aerobars from Profile fill the new shoes of the T Plus series of aero bars for a number of reasons: adjustability, comfortable wrist/hand positioning, the F19A armrest design, and sheer value. There are many aerobars on the market, but few, if any products can compete with the T4+. The foundation of the T4+ Clip-On's is the 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, which provides strong lightweight tubular structures that can be formed at any angle when being worked. Safety is paramount with any type of aerobar. The matte black anodized finish adds a light texture that helps prevent clamp mounts from slipping.

One key to easily adjustable aerobars is decoupling the bar mount from the elbow pad mount. The extensions can be adjusted for reach and angle, which explains why there is only one size available. With the free mount of the elbow pad holder, any rider or bike fitter can quickly move the mount to find the most supportive and advantageous positioning. This J2 bracket can also be pivoted at any angle off parallel to the ground. Mounted to the bracket is the F-19A Aluminum armrest, with a stiff base plate which can be mounted in several positions fore and aft, or rotated for better angle from the elbow to the bar. A medium thickness EVA foam pad offers the right balance of support and comfort, without feeling too hard or too squishy. The anatomic pad shape mimics the base plate for a reassuring fit and control at all times. Velcro strips affix the pad to the plate for easy removal (tip: always remove your armrest pads before mounting your bike to the car for travel, unless you enjoy driving up and down the route trying to find them).

The T4+ features what is considered a J-bend extension design. The 40 degree angle is standard, creating a comfortable resting place for the hand, with a natural wrist angle. This allows you to learn to relax your hands and shoulders, to best utilize energy in your lower body. Triathletes will also appreciate this after a shoulder-burning swim. What is somewhat unique about the T4+'s J-bend is the slight dip at the bend itself. The dip drops the upward reach down slightly, for a net effect of 58mm from the center of the extension to the tip, about 10mm lower than most straight bar options. The design is well thought out, and a product of Profile's years of direct working with, and making products for triathletes- from seasoned pros to first timers.

Those are the essentials, but there are more details. The 22mm extension bar end accepts bar-end shifters for those who opt for a true base bar. The requisite cable-routing slots are strategically placed. Profile still offers the flexibility for 26mm and 31.8mm diameter base bars or handlebars with the use of shims. You have the option of cutting either or both ends of the bar once you have decided on a final fit position. Now you are seeing why the the T4+ Alloy Clip-On TT Bar is so popular. Profile also sells a shim kit that can offer exceptional height adjustment flexibility as well. If you are a triathlete looking to establish or refine an aero position with a clip-on bar, or an accomplished cyclist who dabbles in time-trial and prefers to spend money elsewhere, the Profile T4+ Clip-On TT bar is one of the most flexible and cost-effective options available.


  • Highly adjustable drop bend clip-on extensions designed for triathlon or time trial
  • Equipped with distinct J2 Brackets for freely adjustable elbow mount placement
  • 6061-T6 aluminum extensions, base plates and forged brackets
  • Ability to create a natural, relaxing arm, elbow, hand/wrist position
  • F-19A elbow pads are made from EVA foam, mount with velcro to alloy base plate
  • 4 position fore/aft adjustment along with 15° of rotational adjustment to dial in the fit
  • 22mm diameter extensions compatible with bar-end shifters; with routing slots
  • Extensions clip on to 26.0mm or 31.8mm base bars or handlebars
  • Overall Extension Length: 352mm
  • Stack: 60-120mm (with additional riser kit)
  • Extension Adjustment: 125mm-275mm (center of basebar to end)
  • Reach: Max Aft -180mm, Max Fore 70mm
  • Width: 145mm-300mm(center to center)
  • Color: Anodized matte black
  • Weight: 469 grams

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