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Light and Motion Vis Micro II Tail Light

The original Vis Micro Tail Light was a steady seller for us, but we hoped Light and Motion would bump up the Lumens offered by this compact, rechargeable tail light. They must have agreed, bringing the Vis Micro II up to 60 Lumens max, delivering longer visibility range, penetration, and contrast in daylight.

The increase in bike commuting has driven, and also been driven by, bike light development. Light and Motion has been a force behind increasing options, pushing higher quality standards, ease of use, and powerful, affordable lighting systems. Your first goal when commuting or riding at night is to "be seen" and from behind the key is have a light bright enough from long range, but preferably with options that break up the patterns that other road users see. Some lights use a flash or pulse system, and some offer a constant/ steady projection. For serious commuters the Vis Micro II offers all of the desired options commuters love, while also still appealing to group riders and training cyclists with the Paceline mode.

The Vis Micro II tail light is a terrific rear facing light with a 60 Lumen max output and 180 degree visibility. Four settings expand your run time and give you the options of a pulsing flash, or a steady light. The Vis Micro has a specially designed reflector system to carry the dual LED lighting to max effect over the 180 degree range. The lower amber light flashes in all settings, and is projected rear and the sides. The upper red LED focuses its pulse or steady beam directly behind, for max visibility at distance. The High setting (Daylight SafePulse) will deliver those 60 Lumens for 5 hours from full charge. The Medium setting drives 25 Lumens in solid light for 3 hours, and the Low goes back to SafePulse for 10 hours at 30 Lumens. The USB rechargeable integrated battery charges in 2.5 hours. The side oriented, amber Paceline mode increases overall visibility at intersections and makes it easier for riders in groups to be seen by cars and each other.


  • 60 Lumen, USB rechargeable CREE LED Max Tail Light in a compact size
  • Seatpost or Helmet mounting options, also clips securely on packs, straps, etc.
  • Integrated rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
  • Micro USB charging cable included, 2.5 hr charge time at .5A
  • 180° visibility, custom engineered LED optics distribute red and amber light
  • Amber Sidelights increase visibility at intersections
  • Lighting modes with run times:
    • High: 60 Daylight SafePulse Lumens at 5 hours
    • Medium: 25 Solid Lumens at 3 hours
    • Low: 30 Daylight SafePulse Lumens at 10 hours
    • Paceline: 3 Amber Side Lens Lumens at 20 hours
  • FL-1 ANSI-NEMA rated impact protection
  • Waterproof to 1m submerged for 30 minutes
  • Clamp is angle adjustable, with silicone strap fitting most posts and helmets
  • Snap-on clip allows secure mounting to loops on saddle bags and backpacks
  • Dimensions: 2.25" x .8" x 1.5"
  • Weight: 61 grams

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