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Pearl Izumi W Pro Gel-Vent Glove

Women's top-level,short fingered cycling gloves rarely get the same treatment as the unisex version. Sometimes these offerings can actually be more developed, and at other times, less so. The Pearl Izumi Women's Pro Gel-Vent Glove is identical in features and materials to the unisex version, but with a narrower overall width and fingers, as well as a slightly more compact gel padding layout. In this case, the straight up match is a great thing as the unisex version has graced the palms of pro cyclists battling the rough road conditions of the Spring Classics, so you know the performance level is top notch. The Women's Pro Gel-Vent Glove features a substantial set of vented gel pads that protect the crucial nerves and fine bone structures of the hand. But, as with all Pearl Izumi products, that is just part of the story.

There are several goals when making a summer weather padded glove. It all starts with the Women's specific fit and how the various materials interact with the anatomy and skin of the hand. Pearl's focus on construction means the combination of fabrics and materials are complementary, with seams that are minimized for maximum comfort and a chafe-free fit. The multi-panel design offers longer panels on the back of the hand that have just enough stretch to keep the glove close-fitting. The lightweight polyester/elastane blends breathe easily, and the center mesh zone allows active in-flow to keep you dry. Though the panels are blocky and obvious, fit and function are paramount, in large part because of the palm construction.

The Clarino synthetic leather base material is durable, soft and flexible, as well as offering sure grip, even when wet. The perforated polyurethane gel pads are bonded to the base, and covered with a mesh that is also bonded around the pads. There are no seams or stitching to create friction. The pads themselves offer comprehensive coverage. The metacarpal zone consists of two pads, with a center gap to maintain ergonomics when gripping. The medial nerve at the base of the thumb gets the largest pad, contoured with thumb function. On the heel of the hand, a two pad combination protects the ulnar nerve and articulates easily for grip ergonomics. With the thickness and effectiveness of the padding bone structures are supported to maintain a natural shape of the hand. Blood vessels and nerves lie within, protected. The vented pads allow air to flow right to the palm and for heat and moisture to escape. You can easily follow how Pearl continually emphasized the balance between protection, fit and function to create a glove that even the those who dislike padded gloves can admire.

With Pearl, you always know the details will be perfect. The Velcro closure sits outside the wrist so the palm won't be interfered with. A soft low-profile wiping surface on thumb is ideally placed and always appreciated. Pull tabs on the underside of the middle two fingers make removal fast and simple, while the ends of all the fingers and thumbs are finished for longevity. A secondary function of the bonding material around the mesh that covers the pads is that it is tacky, offering grip and adherence. Last, a reflective panel is sublimated on the outer surface for low light visibility. If you require, or simply prefer, a padded glove, buy the best. The Women's Pearl Izumi Pro Gel-Vent Glove was developed for you, no matter what level you ride at, aspire to.


  • Strategically placed, vented gel padded Women's glove for summer cycling
  • Patented Direct Vent palm design with ventilated padding
  • Seams minimized under your hands by bonding the padding and mesh
  • Gel padding for superior riding comfort
  • Anatomic and ergonomic design ensures nerve protection and excellent fit
  • Clarino™ synthetic leather palm is soft and durable
  • Soft low-profile wiping surface on thumb
  • Sewn pull tabs on the middle and ring fingers assist removal
  • Hook and loop closure on outer wrist
  • Materials
    • Back: 59% polyester, 25% polyamide, 16% elastane
    • Palm: 69% polyamide, 31% polyurethane
  • Reflective zone for low-light visibility
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Color: Black
Reg Price $45.00
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