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Speedplay Zero Cleatset Nanogram Carbon

Speedplay Nanogram Zero cleats are the cleats that come standard with ultra-lightweight Nanogram Zero pedals. As they are Zero cleats, the Zero Nanogram cleat set is compatible with all Zero Pedals.

Interestingly enough, about half of the weight savings of the Nanogram Zero pedal system is in the lighter cleats. Budget and weight-conscious cyclists will want to take note that replacing your regular Zero cleats with Nanogram Zero cleats on a standard three-hole road shoe will save 29.5 grams thanks to the use of carbon reinforced thermoplastic and alloy fasteners. If you are running a four-hole Speedplay specific shoe like the fantastic Sidi Wire SP, the weight savings is 13.5 grams.

Included in the Nanogram Cleat Set are two carbon reinforced three-hole baseplates, two carbon spring housings, and alloy mounting hardware in addition to the standard steel hardware included with standard Zero cleats. There are (8) 4x11mm steel cleat fastening screws and (8) 4x11 lightweight alloy screws. Likewise, there are (6) steel and (6) alloy baseplate mounting screws.

The idea is to adjust and set your cleat position using the steel screws. After you have your cleat position set, replace the steel screws with the lightweight alloy screws to reap the weight savings. It should be noted that the alloy screws are a one-time use screw. Speedplay recommends the installation of Nanogram Cleats be performed by a professional bicycle mechanic using proper torque measuring tools.

Also included is an assortment of Snap-Shims that fine-tune cleat-to-shoe contact. You will want to reference the Speedplay Road Shoe Compatibility Guide at to use the correct Snap-Shims for your shoes.


  • 88 grams
  • Compatible with Zero Chrome-Moly, Zero Stainless Steel, Zero Titanium and Nanogram Zero
  • Complete cleat set for two shoes with baseplates, cleats, hardware and Snap-Shims
  • Saves 30 grams over a standard Zero Cleat Set
  • Carbon reinforced thermoplastic and alloy fasteners

Please Note: Due to manufacturer restrictions, we are unable to ship Speedplay products outside the United States

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