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Small Parts Hub

Mavic Front Road Axle Adapter

Mavic's dedication to wheel systems and interchangeable parts, as well as technologies is clear. Long before most other companies were offering 15mm thru-axle hubs/wheels, Mavic was providing adapters for hub conversions. Their commitment to modular design and the use of oversized alloy axles set the standard that others are still working to meet. These Front Road Axle Adapters are designed to quickly and easily (tool free on QR and 12mm options) allow you to swap front axle ends for different systems, such as thru-axle to QR and vice-versa.

Machined from lightweight alloy to exacting specifications, these adapters get the job done. The use of an o-ring on some types creates a seal, but also ensures fit and eliminates accidental release when the wheel is off the bike. Choose the adapter that meets your Mavic front road wheel axle needs.


  • Machined alloy axle adapters for converting Mavic front road hub configuration
  • Quickly and easily convert your axle from 100mm QR to thu-axle or vice versa
  • Options: QR, 12mm TA, 15mm TA
  • Color: Black