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Wheels Road Wheels - Carbon

Mavic Ksyrium Elite WTS Front Wheel 2017

Mavic steps into contemporary wheel design with two modern technologies to bring the performance of the Ksyrium Elite to a new level and beyond. First and foremost the rims width has been expanded to a modern 23mm width which adds air volume and perfectly supports the now standard 25mm tire. Wider rims are the new norm, and for good reason. Handling, aerodynamics and strength are all improved. The other technology Mavic engineers usher in with the Ksyrium Elite is the proprietary ISM4 design. The ISM4 acronym stands for Inter Spoke Milling 4 Dimensions and refers to the new sculpting and shape of the rim. Improvements here are across the board with highlights being a weight savings of 50 grams (rotational), Lowered inertia and improved aerodynamic profile.

For those familiar with Mavic wheels, precision braking is assured with a welded and machined seam (SUP) and a machined braking surface (UB Control). The Maxtal alloy rim is Fore drilled, meaning only the inner wall is threaded for extra strength at the spoke/rim interface. In addition to greater strength, Fore drilling means a rim strip not required. Super smooth QRM+ bearings provide virtually friction free performance.

These are WTS (Wheel Tire System) series wheels which means Mavic includes a 700x25mm Griplink front tire and Mavic tube so you can get both max performance and value with a WTS product. Beyond value, the Yksion is a solid tire that holds the road like its name implies, with a good balance of suppleness. The Yksion tire features a nylon, puncture resistant belt making this grippy and supple tire surprisingly flat resistant.

  • 24mm depth profile
  • 23mm width rim
  • ISM4 drilling and profile
  • QRM+ cartridge sealed bearings
  • 18 butted bladed stainless steel spokes radially laced
  • Welded and machined seam and machined braking surface
  • 700x25mm Yksion tire and tube included
  • 680 grams