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The Maxxis Speed Terrane 120TPI EXO TL Ready Tire features a familiar take, but also innovative file tread pattern optimized for early season cyclocross races. Cross racers will be drawn to it for dry, hard, rocky courses, as well as short grass and longer pavement transitions. The mix of the file tread with micro-diamond knobs that adorn the tread surface offers blazing speed on hardpacked surfaces, while stacked paddle knobs down the middle offer unrivaled climbing and braking traction so you can attack whenever you like. When the course gets twisty, the siped and offset cornering knobs will dig in to give you the support to brake later and push your tires hard in all conditions

The beauty of Tubeless Ready tires for cyclocross is that you can quickly and easily change tires, unlike the use of tubulars, which may offer some unique performance values, but unless you have a bevy of pre-glued wheels, you can change tires from a Saturday to a Sunday of a race weekend, or easily replace a shredded tire in the pits or overnight. The low pressures afforded by tubeless ensure a the UCI legal 700x33 Speed Terrane creates a larger footprint for the tire so that is is more effective for grip and control, even in this super fast tire, especially on off camber corners or loose pack. The 120TPI casing is super supple for just that reason, and is matched by the EXO layer- a densely woven, lightweight, and flexible fabric that delivers enhanced puncture and sidewall protection. The Speed Terrane is also being embraced by gravel and adventure riders who are looking for speed over all else, making it a true tubeless ready performance tire that can be ridden nearly year round.

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  • UCI legal tubeless ready cyclocross tire built for speed on hardpack, grass, pavement, gravel, loose over hard
  • Dual compound rubber to find best balance of speed, grip and control
  • Built for racing and performance when speed and control matter
  • Fast-rolling ramped center zone knob/patterns are firmer rubber
  • Shoulder knobs deliver traction and edge control, especially at lower pressure
  • Carbon tubeless bead seals well with liquid sealant on TR rims
  • 120TPI casing is incredibly supple, light, and carries the EXO protection layer
  • EXO densely woven, lightweight, and flexible fabric added to casing for enhanced puncture protection
  • Max tire pressure: 75 grams
  • Size: 700x33
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 365 grams
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