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If the Maxxis Speed Terrane cyclocross tire is built to be fast and aggressive at speed, it's more muscular sibling, the All Terrane was created to be a fantastic all around race tire that can also easily crossover as a pure gravel tire. Offered as a 700x33 UCI compliant race tire, the All Terrane 120TPI EXO Tubeless Ready Tire takes full advantage of the low pressures offered by tubeless tires and rims to create a larger traction footprint without going to a larger volume tire which keeps the overall tire weight lighter and better suited for the race environment. Maxxis uses a dual compound rubber system for the best combination of speed, durability, grip and traction.

This a cyclocross tire that maintains speed and composure over a wide range of race conditions. The center and shoulder knobs are tall enough to bite and dig in when the course gets loose but ramped for speed on harder surfaces. The open tread pattern is quick to sling mud away as soon as you pick up speed and the angled shoulder knob system not only offers grip and control, but is also effective in sand and mild to moderate mud. The 120TPI casing is super supple to allow the tire to conform and take advantage of the tread patterns. It is matched by the EXO layer- a densely woven, lightweight, and flexible fabric that delivers enhanced puncture and sidewall protection. The combination of sub structure and tread rubber make this an ideal tire for loose, loose over hard, and medium-variable surface, but the great thing about the All Terrane is that it also extends on either side of the spectrum so you can truly feel the versatility and ease your mind in regards to tire selection on race day.

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  • UCI legal tubeless ready cyclocross tire that maintains speed and composure over a wide range of race conditions
  • Dual compound rubber to find balance of grip, traction and control at speed
  • Built for racing and performance in all conditions when traction matters
  • Taller, more aggressive center zone knob/patterns are firmer rubber, and ramped/angled for to ensure speed on hardpack/pavement when neded
  • Shoulder knobs deliver traction and edge control, especially at lower pressure
  • Carbon tubeless bead seals well with liquid sealant on TR rims
  • 120TPI casing is incredibly supple, light, and carries the EXO protection layer
  • EXO densely woven, lightweight, and flexible fabric added to casing for enhanced puncture protection
  • Max tire pressure: 75 psi
  • Size: 700x33mm
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 367 grams
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