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If you ride technical trails, yet still want control and great rolling speed, the Maxxis Ardent is the high-volume tire you are looking for. This EXO series version offers serious sidewall protection, yet still remains supple, a huge part of keeping the tremendous trail feel that built a strong, or Ardent following, if you will. What has always surprised us is how versatile this dual compound tire can be for a more rounded profile design. The key is the combination of the rubber compounds employed, and the knob profile. What has made this tire even better is the advanced EXO sidewall protection and true Tubeless Ready classification. A major advantage of a large volume tire is the ability to maximize it's footprint by running various pressures. Although it isn't the lightest tire on the market, the Ardent can be seen on XC race bikes, particularly as a front tire, when riders are loath to sacrifice the grip and rolling speed it offers.

Remember, speed is crucial in corners, flowy terrain, and straightaways. If you can't trust your tire to hold, and carry, speed through corners, you don't have a chance at the podium, or being first back to the trailhead. Ardent's large, block-style side knobs deliver numerous edges to hold and grip in corners, while the ramped knobs of the center tread pattern minimize rolling resistance while delivering excellent braking and acceleration traction. The softer rubber compound gives the outer edge knobs a sticky grip, while the firmer compound of the center pattern endures better wear and durability. This is a tire that excels in a wide variety of trail conditions: loose terrain, loose over hardpack, medium semi-soft dirt, or wet. While not a true mud tire, the Ardent won't pack up on you while the side knobs get you out of trouble. We feel the Ardent EXO Tubeless Ready tire will suit any trail from XC to Enduro, and everything in between. Now it is your turn to find out.

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  • Aggressive tread, high volume casing tire that suits multiple trail conditions
  • Maxxis EXO sidewall protection protects against puncture and abrasion
  • Tubeless Ready for all tubeless ready rims, sealant recommended
  • Dual compound, fast rolling tire with strong cornering characteristics
  • Rounded profile with ramped center tread blocks for reduced rolling resistance
  • By dropping pressure, you increase the footprint for more versatile usage
  • Max psi: 60
  • Weight: 27.5x2.25 760g, 29x2.25 800g, 29x2.4 864g
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