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Since it's re-invention as a trail/Enduro tire, this former DH shredder has truly evolved. The High Roller II EXO Tubeless Ready tire is a new generation of the High Roller lineage, and with it's more open tread pattern, consistent feel, fantastic grip, it won't be long before this usurper takes over the family crown. The evolution of the new version is tied to advances in rubber compound technology and tread design knowledge. This iteration, which employs dual rubber durometers, Tubeless Ready capability and EXO sidewall protection truly maximizes all the advancements made in mountain bike tire design. If you are a trail/Enduro or free-rider seeking consistent traction, mud clearing, better braking control, and sweet rolling speed, the High Roller II may be your new tire.

If you have seen or ridden the first trail version of the High Roller, the first thing you will notice is how much more space there is in center of the tire. The new, open tread design also features a combo of ramped knobs in a tight/wide configuration. With this set-up you get excellent rolling speed, but also transitional knobs for greater grip and consistent exchange to the outer knob profile. The High Roller II is a square profile tire meant to excel in the gnarliest trail condtions, but still perform in ideal soil. The consistency in feel and grip is crucial for the trail rider at speed. The modified knobs of the shoulder are tall enough in this profile to truly improve braking in all conditions, as well as offer acceration and grip on hard surfaces. These outer knobs use a slightly softer compound to enhance these traits, while a firmer compound is used in the center for protection, longer wear, and reduced rolling resistance.

The overall effectiveness of the High Roller II in mud, loose conditions, semi-soft dirt, and loose rock cannot be overstated. Running this tire tubeless truly gives you a massive range of options for set-up. With the EXO sidewall protection, you don't need to worry about cuts, punctures or abrasions. You can just let it rip. If you are an aggressive, skilled rider running 5-7inches of travel, you have to consider this tire made for you, and if you are just developing your skills, the Maxxis High Roller II will instill confidence that allows you to progress rapidly. The king shall assume the throne.

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  • Newly designed, square profile casing, aggressive open tread, trail tire for most conditions
  • Maxxis EXO sidewall protection protects against puncture and abrasion
  • Tubeless Ready for all tubeless ready rims, sealant recommended
  • Dual compound, fast fast tire with excellent traction and braking characteristics
  • Ramped center tread blocks for reduced rolling resistance, prominent shoulder knobs for maximum traction and predictable cornering in all situations
  • By adjusting pressures, you can change the footprint for more variable conditions
  • Max psi: 60
  • Weight: 29x2.3 910g
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