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The Maxxis Ikon was built to be the one tire for XC racing. More Maxxis sponsored XC riders prefer the Ikon to any other tire in the line-up for all but the muddiest conditions. Why? XC racers truly seek the optimum balance between speed and grip, and while all tires are designed with this in mind, the Ikon integrates decades of mountain bike tire experience and shines above the competition. Generally you find race tires to be truly specialist in nature. This one is great for speed on hardpack, that one offers better grip and control. Teasing out those characteristics is difficult, but when technology and experience come together, Maxxis can deliver a model like the Ikon 3C EXO Tubeless Ready Tire. And while the pure race variant of the Ikon is lighter, it sacrifices durability. In longer single or multi-day events, durability also factors into tire selection. Also true is that even in shorter single day races, the weather and conditions can, and often do, change, especially on looped courses with a parade of riders bearing down for several circuits over a few hours. Your tire needs to be adaptable, and more versatile than ever. With the EXO sidewall protection and Tubeless Ready option, Ikon is no longer just a race tire, but a high volume, fast rolling, everyday tire for XC/trail riders.

Ikon was designed as lightweight carcass, and additional tech does add a little weight, but the advantages make it worthwhile. The low resistance 29'er tread design is Maxxis's most versatile tread and helps to keep the speed going and provides great traction on virtually any terrain except perhaps sticky mud. This tire really shines in hardpack, loose conditions, rocky and rooty singletrack, and packed dirt. A quick look at the tread pattern reveals ramped, paired center knobs with decent spacing, and two sets of angled transitional knobs that carry speed and provide hook-up on inconsistent surfaces. The raised outer shoulder knobs are more aggressive than they appear, and the advances in rubber technology deliver excellent grip. Whan you drop pressure, the high volume, speedy casing flattens out, and when you really need extra traction and grip, it truly shines without much loss of speed. XC riding and racing is about speed over a course or distance. Carrying confidence while cornering, descending, and in technical sections is just as important to your overall speed and time as hammering the fast, less technical sections.

The 3C MaxxSpeed logo means this Ikon has a high 120tpi casing and special 3C Maxx Speed tread compounds to deliver low weight, excellent ride feel, and very good traction. The supple 120tpi casing conforms to the trail for better grip, comfort and lower rolling resistance. Three distinct tread compounds start firmer in the center for max wear and reduced rolling resistance, and the compounds get progressively softer as you work out to the shoulders while providing durability, grip, and long tread life. EXO protection reduces punctures and strengthens the sidewall making it more resistant to sidewall cuts from sharp rocks. This Tubeless Ready version has a slightly thicker, less porous casing for better sealant retention. Ikon is truly a race tire that, with the additon of the protection and tubeless capability can be ridden assertively by any confident trail rider. Ideally we see this version on hardtails and FS bikes running anywhere from 80-120mm of travel, with perhaps the ultimate option a 100mm travel hardtail 29er, but truly any experienced rider will find the Ikon to be amongst the best overall tires they have ever graced, or raced, the trails with.

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  • High-volume, lightweight true racing tire for a wide range of surface conditions
  • 3C MaxxSpeedTriple Compound Technology with 120tpi casing
  • eXCeption race specification
  • Maxxis EXO sidewall protection protects against puncture and abrasion
  • Tubeless Ready for all tubeless ready rims, sealant recommended
  • Max psi: 60
  • Weight: 27.5x2.2 600g, 29x2.2 640g, 29x 2.35 740g
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