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The Minion DHF is based on the original Minion downhill tire with a massive weight reduction, bringing downhill grip and control to everyday riders.

This Minion DHF uses Maxxis's 3C MaxxTerra three compound tread rubber, whose layup has a hard compound base, medium compound center knobs and soft compound shoulder knobs. The open tread design features a series of ramped knobs in a narrow-wide configuration. This design yields an abundant amount of both grip and rolling speed. The square shoulder knobs have a single siping grove to allow the tread to flex and conform while cornering and braking. Under the tread is the Maxxis DoubleDown casing. Taking cues from downhill tire tech, it features two 120 TPI casing layers reinforced with a butyl insert provides the ultimate in support and protection of a downhill tire, in a far lighter package. What you get when you add this all up is copious amounts of grip and steering control in a reasonably lightweight package.

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  • 3C MaxxTerra three compound tread
  • DD Double Down, 2-peice butyl sidewall sandwich protection
  • TR Tubeless ready construction
  • 60psi max
  • 1002 grams | 27.5x2.30
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