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The Michelin Airstop butyl tube is a high quality inner tube that comes in at 99 grams with a 52mm valve stem. This makes it about 22 grams heavier than the superlight Michelin AirComp and it is considered more puncture puncture resistant. The Airstop tubes feature a smooth valve stem. It does not have a removable valve core so if you want to inject sealant or install a valve extender better to go with a different tube.

Michelin produces high quality butyl tubes that are known for superior material and build consistency. The tubes hold air better than competitors (though all butyl tubes will lose air), and feature an ideal round shape straight out of production. The consistent wall thickness and excellent production result in a humble tube that rides smoothly within the tire, reducing friction, which can be improved on with a little tube powder.

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  • Sub 100 gram tube option for everyday clincher tire use
  • High quality and durable
  • Consistent wall thickness
  • A1 smooth valve- core is not removable
  • Valve is pump gasket friendly- does have a few mild grooves for gasket hold at high pressure
  • Black valve cap included
  • Valve length options: 40, 52 mm
  • Sizes: 700x18-25, 700x25-32
  • Weight: 99 grams
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