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The Power Cup tire from Michelin is now their race-level clincher. At just 215g for 700x25 and 240g for 700x28, weight won't be an issue, and with advancements in both casing and rubber compound technology made by the French tire giant, the overall characteristics of grip, protection and rolling resistance have been improved over the Power Competition.

Multi-ply casings aren't new and the Power series tires all feature 3-ply construction. The variations per tire at the casing level are from the thread per inch count with the Power Cup featuring 120 tpi plies. That construction uses incredibly fine fibers that offer a wonderfully supple casing that allows the rider to have a pure feel from the pavement, which is crucial for handling, cornering, and true rider confidence. At the same time, the tire isn't meant to deform much, as the low volume casing carries a new rubber compound Michelin simply refers to Gum-X compound. Nothing complicated here. Fast rolling, with the measurably low resistance and an impeccable dry grip, an ideal racing clincher. While not ideal for wet conditions, you will surprised at how well the slick tire manages in the wet as well. Historical Michelin riders will appreciate the advancements from the older Competition race clincher. The only indentation in the tread is a simple tread wear indicator.

While the Power Cup wasn't developed for durability, it does feature a lightweight, flexible Aramid Shield breaker for puncture protection that has proven quite effective. With so many top quality carbon clincher race wheels on the market, race-specific clincher tires are in heavy demand. Michelin has always delivered excellent racing clincher tires and the Power Cup is the fastest of the of the line. If you are a Michelin fan who swears by previous versions, like the Pro4 Race and Power Competition, you will happily embrace the Power Cup, and if you are a competitive cyclist who is less than enthralled by your current clincher brand, now is the time to discover the gains Michelin has made in tire development.

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  • Race-level clincher with exceptionally low rolling resistance, excellent dry grip
  • 3-plies of 120 tpi material are used to build an incredibly supple casing (330 tpi)
  • New Gum-X compound improves grip despite slick zero-tread rubber
  • Aramid Shield puncture resistance breaker over center zone
  • Fast rolling tire well suited to carbon clincher wheels
  • Weight: 23mm 195g, 25mm 215g, 28mm 240g
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