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Michelin's Power line-up raised rider expectations for the combined performance and overall capabilities of tubeless ready road race and training tires, but the Power Cup raises the benchmark on the race set-up. The Power Cup TLR's combination of weight, low rolling resistance, overall speed, puncture protection, and wet/dry grip has topped best overall lists of more than independent testing labs. Yet, at Excel Sports, we rely on rider and real world feedback more than other testing methods, and road cyclists have loved this tire. It is great to see the lab and real world match, as certainly some tires out perform lab results in the real world, and other lab champs just don't live up those results when on the road. To accomplish this feat, Michelin has developed some technology advances and made intelligent construction decisions.

When it comes to grip, handling, and tire stability, the GUM-X tread compound has been a major step forward. Michelin hasn't released details on the rubber mix, but the results back up the claimed benefits. Moving to the casing, the true core of any tire, the engineers opted for a 4x120 tpi system for the first time. The fine nylon layers are supple and strong with perfect shape ending in an aramid TLR bead. Michelin preferred the greater strength, but also better air retention over saving some weight, and the tire feels more lively and substantial- both of which can subconsciously tap into rider confidence on hard corners or screaming downhill runs. Greater protection from bead-to-bead thanks to the new Tubeless Shield belt means fewer punctures and reduced risk of sidewall abrasion at lower pressures. The finest aramid fibers keep the belt light and supple, but also defy punctures.

As far as the Tubeless Ready concept overall, Michelin turned to their experience with extremes of MOTO GP for inspiration and balanced conceptual understanding of how the sealed bead responds to impacts and harsh corners, while ensuring tire comfort and efficiency at all pressures and wheel angles. Please follow Michelin's recommendations and ranges on tire pressure, as they have always had a different scale than other tire manufacturers- and it is crucial to safety and performance with the outstanding Power Cup TLR Road Tire.

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  • Updated Tubeless Ready race-grade tire with improved grip, lowered rolling resistance and inherent puncture & abrasion protection
  • Wheel Energy independent lab considers it one of the fastest tires, with class leading low rolling resistance, with excellent grip
  • Efficiency Speed and comfort provided by Tubeless Ready technology, speed and efficiency inspired by MOTO GPTM technology
  • Durably light and reliable thanks to the Michelin Tubeless Shield technology and 4x120 TPI casing
  • Efficient handling and stability in both wet and dry conditions with grip provided by proprietary Michelin GUM-X compound
  • 4x120 tpi casing is supple, strong, and offers some sidewall puncture resistance
  • Tube-type casing features 3 layers, but the TLR has a 4th for greater air retention
  • Tubeless Shield features a bead-to bead-protection aramid belt that is light, supple, and effective for puncture and sidewall abrasion
  • Size | Weight | Pressure range
    • 700x25 | 270g |Max 116 psi
    • 700x28 | 285g |Max 102 psi
    • 700x30 | 305g | Max 87 psi
  • Choose from Black or Classic (Tanwall)
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