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The Power Gravel Tire is your ideal companion for traversing a variety of terrains, from gravel roads to rocky paths. Its unique design ensures an impressive grip and performance, enabling you to cover more miles with ease. The tire features Bead 2 Bead Protek reinforcement, which provides comprehensive protection to the entire tire casing, enhancing its durability. Additionally, the tire is crafted with X-Miles Compound rubber, a material specifically chosen to extend the tire's lifespan. This makes it a reliable choice for those who enjoy long rides and require a tire that can withstand the rigors of extended use.

Specifically designed for gravel grinders who prioritize strength and endurance, the Power Gravel Tire stands out for its functional tread pattern. This pattern is characterized by small blocks that significantly reduce rolling resistance, making your ride smoother and more efficient. This tread design, aptly named Gravel Design, also ensures superior traction over mixed terrain, offering a perfect balance between grip and performance. Whether you're navigating through challenging roads or exploring scenic trails, this tire promises a steadfast and enjoyable cycling experience.

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  • Small block tread pattern for a wide variety of conditions
  • Bead 2 Bead Protek reinforced casing
  • X-Miles rubber compound for increased longevity
  • Choose from Black or Classic (Tanwall)
  • Weights: 700x33mm: 360g, 700x35mm: 380g, 700x40mm: 450g, 700x47mm: 590g
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