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For those with floor space and an active cycling life, the freestanding Minoura DS-4200 Bicycle Storage Stand is a great bike rack. The unit comes equipped with 3 front wheel cradles, and can be set-up at three different heights for 26-29" wheeled bikes. When the cradle rail in set at the top position, bikes become more vertical, but still at an angle. The cradles themselves have a pivoting wheel holder that engages with the wheel on the back side as you roll it in. When you lift and roll the wheel out, the holder pivots away automatically. All you have to do is roll in and roll out. In the cradle the wheel is secure and very difficult to accidentally release.

Minoura does make extra cradles, allowing you up to five bikes, 3 on one side, and 2 on the other. If you are using wider bar mountain bikes and have three or four to rack, you may have two and two, or two and one. The width of the DS4200 is nearly 40", and with bars sitting wider than the frame, it will be more. If you have 1-3 bikes on one side, the overall used space is dictated by the cradle bar & overall cradle height , as well as the wheelbase and overall wheel diameter with the tire mounted. Clearly, if you mount bikes on both sides, it effectively doubles that overall footprint- hence why your needs and space requirements drive the decision. The convenience of the unit is the ease of getting bikes in and out, not requiring wall mounting, and the fact that the stand is easily moved. We have sold many DS4200-style racks over the years- some to people with large open basement or garage areas, as well as to companies setting up temporary or flexible bike storage for employees, and even bike shows, shops, and builders. Your needs and space drive your choices, but if you are looking for a multi-bike stand that is easy to use, stable, and safe, we recommend the quality, construction, and functionality of the Minoura DS-4200.

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  • Stable, freestanding upright bike rack which holds 3 bikes on an angle by the front wheel
  • Convenient for grab and go use in garages, basements, at events, etc
  • For normal 2-wheel bicycles with standard 26-inch or 700c size wheels w/ up to 2.6" wide tires
  • Wide MTB bar designs may require 2 cradles on side, with a 3rd on the opposite side, in the middle
  • Holds the bike by supporting the front wheel in cradle, which has a pivoting catch that holds wheel in place as you roll or place the the in, and pivots away when un-weighted
  • Stand-up style saves space, especially at the max height position
  • Cradle bar is height adjustable in 3 levels allowing you to accommodate different wheelbase lengths from one height
  • By using optional cradles, can accept 2 more bikes (maximum 5 bikes- 2 on side, 3 on the other)
  • Not suitable for any tandem, long tail or small wheel bicycles
  • Must be used on the flat, firm floor- though it has some slight foot adjustment to level
  • Cradle is designed to hold the front wheel only
  • Might not work with front mounted fenders because the fender size and shapes vary
  • MInoura part # for optional cradles: 423-1950-01
  • Stand footprint: 39.37" W x 19.66" D x 37.4" H (top cradle bar position, w/o cradle mounted)
  • Finish: Black/Iron
  • Weight: 22.48 lbs
  • Made in Japan
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