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Minoura was the first company to use magnetic resistance for controllable bike trainer resistance and have offered a series of options over the years. After their experience with the wheel-on Kagura Smart trainer, the company moved it's focus to the Direct Drive (DD) Smart Trainer version, which leverages a 22.4 pound flywheel with an electromagnet system capable of a 2200w max power rating and a 25% max incline capability while maintaining a claimed +/- 1% accuracy. Featuring Bluetooth Smart, FTMS, ANT+, and ANT+ FE-C communication for direct control via many devices, the Kagura-DD LSD-9200 Smart Trainer also integrates with your favorite 3rd party Apps, has firmware update capability, and can easily be stored and transported.

We've listed the key details and features below but there are some that we want to stress. One is that, while AC power is required for Smart Trainer use and control, the Kagura-DD can also be used a non-powered trainer with a reasonable power curve for event warm-ups or use where and when power is not available. The wheel-off LSD-9200 also works with bikes with wheel sizes from 26" through 700c, and is equipped for 130-140mm QR use, as well as 12/142 and 12/148 mm thru-axle dropouts. While not silent, this is a very quiet trainer, and has a foot design that not only allows you to level the trainer, but also defeats vibrations so they aren't passed through to the floor. The frame and stability design is simple to assemble and use, with the main cross leg able to pivot for narrow storage spaces.

Performance-wise, the Kagura-DD rates with the highest level trainers, at a lower price. Minoura's experience with the wheel-on version leads them to believe that they have worked through the connection and communication challenges every smart trainer manufacturer has endured on the way to success. They also have confidence in their resistance and power capabilities in both Erg and Sim modes and have proven their accuracy through direct testing and comparison analysis. The trainer broadcasts power and speed data, so if you also train with cadence, you will need to use an on-bike sensor, which given the struggles many trainer companies have with proper and consistent cadence, it may just be better to go with such a sensor all the time.

The 45lb Minoura Kagura-DD LSD-9200 Smart Trainer may not be the sexiest unit on the market, as it has a simple aesthetic, but it is stable and easier to physically manage than most direct-drive trainers. The freehub is a Shimano/SRAM style unit that can be used with 8-11 speed drivetrains (some with appropriate spacers). At release, it has not been Campagnolo or SRAM XDR compatible, but there is hope for XDR in the near future. One other note that may appeal to some buyers: users have the ability to adjust the drive belt tension by following a fairly straightforward process. As few Smart trainers offer any approved home-maintenance options, this can be a plus.

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  • Direct-Drive Smart Trainer from the company that invented Mag trainer systems
  • Precisely tuned resistance unit eliminates all the noise and vibrations usually associated with indoor trainers and provides a very smooth and quiet training session
  • ANT+, ANT+ FEC, FTMS and Bluetooth 5.0 compatible, supports all wireless protocols; LED indicators
  • SMART Mag unit rated for 2200W max, matched with SMART electromagnet system
  • Reports speed and power, but not cadence; on bike cadence sensor required
  • Can be used as progressive resistance trainer without AC power
  • Max incline: 25%
  • 10kg (22.04lbs) flywheel provides a smooth, balanced feel
  • Accuracy rated at +/- 1%
  • Compatible apps: Zwift, Kinomap, The Sufferfest, Trainer Road, ROUVY; others
  • Firmware updates (should be done before use as well); Option of manual belt adjustment at home
  • nRF Toolbox utility app can be downloaded for iOS and Android
  • AC adapter (100V-240V) power block with power cable
  • Use with 130 & 135 mm with supplied steel QR, or 142 & 148 mm in 12 mm Thru Axle with hub adapters
  • Compatible with 650b/700c/26?/27.5?
  • Freehub compatible with Shimano/SRAM 8, 9, 10, 11 HG type cassettes (not included
  • Adjustable feet; a seismic isolator is included on the back side of the foot adjuster to reduce vibration
  • Convenient carry handle for transport and storage
  • Stabilizing bar allows unit to be folded down for easy storage
  • Dimensions when set for use: 24" W x 22" D x 18.75" H
  • Read all instructions and materials before use
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 45lbs
  • Made in Japan
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