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Tools & Maintenance Grease & Applicators

Morgan Blue Aquaproof Paste

Morgan Blue's Aquaproof Paste is designed to perform as a water proof grease that is applied to areas on your bike that require a long lasting lubrication, corrosive protection and a waterproof seal. It's perfectly suited for any and all screws/bolts, bottom bracket threads, headset top cups or any another place that needs protection and long lasting lubrication. The reason that this product is considered a paste is due to the consistency of the formula. It's a shade thicker than grease and is not really geared towards hub bearing lubrication.

Aquaproof Paste is used by over half of the European Pro Tour teams and is a must for any professional shop. All bicycles require more than one type of grease during professional assembly. Consider this your base grease.


  • Perfect choice for all screws, bolts and BB threads
  • Prevents oxidation and corrosion
  • Professional grade product
  • Wide temperature range
  • Easy application
  • Made in Belgium

Morgan Blue is the most widely used range of products used in the European Pro Peloton. We first learned of it when some local mechanics returned home after a European tour. Word quickly spread and it is the new standard for many of our shop personnel.