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The premium grade carbon Talon Ultra Light Handlebar by Pinarello/MOst was developed for the F12 and F Dogma frameset. The design of both frames incorporated the fully aerodynamic bar-stem system into the aerodynamics of the complete bike, and nothing else available can deliver the same level of efficiency. The Talon Ultra Light also features the full internal routing system required by the Dogma F12 and Dogma F. While being 13% lighter than it's predecessor, the Talon Ultra Light is also stiffer and more aerodynamic with better ergonomic transitions from the 80mm Reach and 125mm Drop. An overall 4 degree outward bend offers enough wrist clearance for both sprinting and climbing out of he saddle.

Pinarello reduced the weight of the bar with a new carbon lamination plan, and also benefited from a raw carbon look, sparing an extra finish. The bar-stem system will not allow for a standard computer or accessory mount, so MOst offers the iTalon Ultra Computer Mount, which fully integrates with aero principles intact securely through a port under the center of the interface. Like several Italian bar manufacturers, Pinarello MOst measures bars outside-to-outside, and in this case at the end of the drops, so a 44cm measured at that point in the integrated handlebar is essentially a 42cm center-to-center equivalent and measures about 42cm outside to outside at the lever placement (41.2cm center to center).

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  • Fully aero integrated bar-stem system developed for the Pinarello Dogma F12, Dogma F framesets
  • Stiff torsionally through the stem, with a measure of compliance in the tops of the aero bar section
  • Complete internal routing through frame specific steerer and headset via the Pinarello TiCR routing system
  • Designed only for fork steerer and aero headset spacer system for Pinarello Dogma F12, Dogma F framesets
  • Features covered mounting zone for integrated iTalon Ultra Computer Mount, which aligns perfectly on center
  • Reach: 80mm
  • Drop: 125mm
  • Slight 4° drop flare overall
  • Bar measured outside-to-outside at end of drops
  • Stem lengths: 90, 100, 110, 120 mm
  • Sizes by bar width: 42, 44, 46 o-o
  • Combinations available: 90/42, 90/44, 100/42, 100/44, 100/46, 110/42, 110/44, 110/46, 120/44, 120/46, 130/42 (other combinations may be available by special order)
  • Weight: 351 grams (90/42)
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