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Covers for your disc brakes? Have pro road cyclists finally found a comfort zone with disc rotors? Not those kind of covers! Muc-Off has developed these smart, yet simple disc rotor and caliper covers so you can avoid getting lubricant or unsafe cleaning solutions on your disc brake assembly. No more slippery rotors or lubricant laden pads. Now, although Muc-Off's Bike Cleaner solution won't damage your disc set-up, many other cleaners can and will. If you are using Muc-Off Bike Cleaner wash your bike as normal, and after rinsing you can cover the brakes during lubrication to avoids contamination. If you are using a harmful cleaning product you can cover the brake assemblies right from the start.

The Disc Brake Covers are quite effective, with a multi-piece neoprene design that is straightforward to use: Start by separating the neoprene cover from the base plate. With the Velcro facing towards you, slide the base plate over the hub axle by pulling it apart slightly at the join, now push downwards until the center hole is around the axle. To apply the neoprene cover, start at the caliper and press the neoprene cover over the caliper/cable and then around the entire rotor. Or better yet, watch the attached video. Ensure all parts are covered before applying protectants, polishes, or spray lubes. After each use, simply rinse both parts in water and leave to hang dry. Do we need to say this? Do not ride with the covers attached! And please do not spray protectants or lubes directly onto the Disc Brake Covers for an extended period of time. Many lubricants can break down neoprene.

Muc-Off's Disc Brake Covers are the perfect solution for shop and pro mechanics, and even more useful for cyclists and riders who do their own maintenance. Stop wasting bottles of alcohol cleaning lube off your rotors, and stop baking your brake pads in the over- please. These covers work with almost any rotor size, fork or rear triangle designs, and caliper locations. If you ride or service disc brakes these covers should be a standard part of your bike cleaning kit. You can also use them during bike travel for extra protection.

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  • Protects disc brake rotors and pads from protectant and lube overspray
  • Also can be used to protect disc brakes during transit
  • Quick and easy to install, use, clean and have ready for the next use
  • Fits all road, gravel and mountain disc rotors, calipers, and frame/fork designs
  • Breathable neoprene pieces are flexible, easy to install and durable to regular use
  • Covers protect against corrosion, overspray, minor dings, etc
  • Sold as a pair
  • Color: Garish Pink/Silver/Black, Camo
  • Designed for cleaning and lubrication work, not riding!
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