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Cleaning those difficult, tight spaces of a bike drivetrain is less than fun, but if you are going to do a thorough job, do it right. The Muc-Off Drivetrain Brush will make the job easier, and is highly effective. Shaped like a round paintbrush with long, durable nylon bristles, the Drivetrain Brush is the perfect piece of equipment to apply Muc-Off Bio Drivetrain Cleaner to your chain, cassette, mechanicals and sprockets, getting detailed, impressive results fast.

The distinctive composite body brush design has a mean, black matte finish, yet features molded silicon inserts for a comfortable and steady grip, even with finger tips, as you dab and insert the brush, or glide the bristles back and forth in a tight space. Like all Muc-Off products the "simple drivetrain brush" is well thought out and impressively executed.

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  • Paintbrush-like bike drivetrain cleaning brush with durable nylon bristles
  • Highly effective for chain, cassette, mechanics and sprockets
  • Overall shape allows for easy application of cleaning product
  • Molded silicon handle inserts for a comfortable and steady grip
  • Matte black finish with Muc-Off logos
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